Today in Freshmen Success I was asked to describe my life dream.

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  1. I told everyone in the class that it was to be happy, to wake up every day and not have a single worry in the world. To grow my own food, live on my own land, and not have to do jackkkk shit.

    And truth be told, I meant every word of it.

    Why can I not want a life so simple? I think through diligence I can abandon the need for many things we let run our lives. I absolutely dread television. I drink absolutely zero soda and any caffeinated beverage (except for Jagerbombs, there's always that exception).

    I find myself everyday preferring my bike to get around Fort Wayne. I'm more than positive I can get by without my car. But I'm determined to see if I could take it even further. I bet I could get by without air conditioning. I bet I could get by without a water heater. Hell, I could damn well get by without fucking facebook, a smart phone, or a fancy ass computer.

    Why do I need all this shit? Really? Granted, I do love it, but for what reason? What is it within me, or perhaps all human beings, that drives the need for luxury?

    Hypothesis of the night: The greatest form of happiness is not found within what we want or need, but by how simply we live and how much love we possess.
  2. When you by yourself out in your log cabin and your done working the gardens for the day, then what do you do w/ you free time?
  3. If you haven't spent at least a month out in the bush at a time don't even consider it.

    Also you realize you have to pay property tax right? Where are you going to get money?
  4. I was talking about pretty much that exact idea the other day. If I have some food, weed, and a hammock ill be happy. Fuck retiring at like 60 to some shitty resort like everyone else.

    I know a good amount about survival, but im not even close to being ready to just migrate somewhere and start living off the grid.

  5. :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

    And I wanna start a personal library. There's so much learning to be done.

    I've worked a job ever since I was 14. I got it.
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    absolutely bro. that's my life dream too. to live financially free of a flawed material world, i mean jesus christ, if the people in the stone age could be happy about life without all this shit, why can't we? i GUARANTEE you less cavemen killed themselves than people in today's society, and literally all they had to their name was whatever they had on them at the time. very large time gap between the examples, but the human brain hasn't evoled THAT much since BC times, for example, rich kids born into wealthy families obsess over money and material gain; the same-aged kid who grew up in the jungle with some nameless tribe is content just learning/studying/advancing through their tribe's culture/traditions and gathering enough food for the day. who do you think out of those two are TRULY happy? it's obviously not as clean-cut black and white as that but you get the point of the example. happiness and contentedness are all about your mindset.

    just because we've been exposed to excess and luxury doesn't mean we can't backtrack to a more "natural" level. a lot of people say "grow up" or "man up", you're living in a fantasy land, you gotta make money to survive, but fuck you, go ahead and waste your life chasing paper money and perpetual debt only to wind up in the ground next to me, while i scrape by happily with fuck all financial ambition. the difference? i might have a shitty headstone over-grown with weeds instead of a rich fucking marble tomb, but we're both bloody dead, and at least my skeleton will have a smile on his face
  7. I love you, You are my best friend.
  8. ipfw?

  9. Yessir.

  10. You are inspirational and charismatic. I find quite of bit of relief you are able to relate to me. Perhaps one day we will achieve what we want most.
  11. These days, to live like that you need to go to college.

    Or intern on a farm!

    Or just help a farmer!

    I have that dream, too. Trust me, if you go to public school, they won't understand where you are coming from. (unless you have one of those awesome teachers that you only meet once)
  12. Back in the caveman days, it was totally different. Today, we dont' have to worry about staying with the pack to protect ourselves... My bet is that cavemen still had the some of the same issues that we feel with other people today, but they didn't have the option to kill or else the group could be in danger. And there weren't material objects to make their life easier, which I guess was the original purpose of material objects (clothes, weapons, etc.) There was A LOT less people back then.

    I totally agree and want your dream, but just saying... I think a lot of people's dreams to get away from society (including mine) stem from the fact that we are so crowded and not in touch with instinct so much
  13. Jagerbombs are a child's drink. Fucking gross. Get some whiskey, neat.

  14. Did I say it was the only thing I drank? Hop off.
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    Jager is pretty fucking gross... :p Unless you like black dickerish.

    I often dream of living in simpler times. Since its not possible, I do as much camping, hiking, and woodland adventuring as possible.
  16. You said "except for Jagerbombs, there's always that exception"

    Implying that you like them, which is SICK. You deserve no respect.

  17. Wow... Why dont you just go outside and come back to this forum when you can conversate like a normal person.

  18. do you like incorporating dicks into your vocabulary?:D:p
  19. Because I like a certain drink I deserve no respect?

    Is your head comfortable being jammed so far up your ass? What did I do to antagonize you? Nothing. Grow the fuck up and get over yourself.

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