today i visit the stars

Discussion in 'General' started by Higgy, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. In under an hours time I'm dosing acid for the first time.

    Look for the ensuing trip report. Wish me luck! :wave:
  2. Awesome man, Hope you have a good trip. Do you still smoke or naw? It was you that took the 365 day break wasn't it?

    Im going to be dosing some MDMA tonight.... So I'm pretty excited myself.
  3. damn higy be safe make sure to update us i guess we will know when ur 2 fucked up cuz you wont post:smoking:
  4. sweet fakdded and higgy, have fun and happy tripping.
  5. What?! You guys do drugs?!! :D :smoking: :D
  6. tell us how it went bro, wish i had some much you droppin?
  7. This thread makes me jealous
  8. Sounds good.

    Im drinkin on a ICE cold 40 of good ass beer. Budweiser. Got another 40 of bud chillin in the freezer. Gon kill this with the quickness. Jus downed three shots of whiskey in a row and chased em with beer. Gettin drunk as a mother fuck tonight.
  9. Wow, good luck man!
    Waiting for the trip report, can't wait to do some myself.
  10. +3 hours: Dosed at 4:20 completely by chance, this is a good sign. I floated in the hot tub for the first half an hour enjoying the weightless feeling. Now, we sit around in my friend Kelsey's aparment talking with Anchorman in the background. At +3 hours now, I look outside, i can see the ground breathing, the bark on the tree is sliding up and down. The sun and clouds are mixing together so beautifully.
  11. Is Acid addictive?

    I want to try it but I have heard so much bad shit about it and after seeing hippies who are totally fucked up. IDK if I want to try it.

  12. No. it definatly is not. I can't imagine any psychadelic as being addictive. The experiences are just too much for someone to get addicted to. Your best bet is to look on or for any information you could want to know for Acid or pretty much any other drug you can imagine.


    +6 Hours: Everything seems surreal. When I look into a mirror the world around me bends. Very minor visuals, movement out of the corner of my eye. Watching The Yellow Submarine was the most intense experience that I have ever experienced. The colors were so vibrant, everything seemed saturated yet alive.

    Riding the wave...:eek:
  13. Ahhh.... a most wonderful movie made for acid heads by acid heads! You're THERE, buddy! :D :cool:

    Where do you come in contact with hippies who are fucked up from acid? Is there a Fucked Up Hippie Acid Head enclave that I didn't know about? Don't you know any Hippie Acid Freaks who aren't fucked up? If not, you haven't been searching in the right places. You'll only end up like the fucked up hippies if you become obsessed with the whole acid experience. Some of those guys dosed constantly for weeks on end... and that'll surely fuck you up. But dosing responsibly shouldn't leave you in that Fucked Up Hippie state. :cool:

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