Today I took Adderal and it totally changed my life, or at least it felt like it did.

Discussion in 'General' started by yttan9, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. Earlier today I was looking to get high because I was feeling like I needed to get high. Then I remembered that my friend with ADHD had stopped taking his meds so I bought 5 pills off of him. I wasn\'t expecting much from the experience but it ended up changing my life so profoundly I cannot explain it in words. I understand so much more now, I didn\'t take all the pills I let some of my other friends have some but I took most of it. I swallowed three and snorted half of one. I felt really relaxed and I talked about everything, talking and communicating my feelings gave me a good feeling inside. I gained so much more understanding of myself and my mind. I had a very deep and perplexing emotional trip. My anxiety about people\'s opinions of me melted away and I just talked about everything. I just wanted to say \"Hello\" to everyone on the street. I felt strong emotional ties to places I go every day. The trip was pretty intense and when I talked I sounded really stoned. I just let my mind free, I told all my friends I loved them, in a nonsexual way mind you, and I felt a euphoria that rivaled that of marijuana. I don\'t think I\'ve ever typed so much in one day, I just have so much to say, now when I go to write something I end up going on and on. The pills also gave me the confidence to get a girlfriend for the first time since 7th grade. I talked to her for hours and I spilled all my thoughts and she laughed and commented, she even told me that she has smoked weed before. I think I may have found the one. I\'m 15 years old, I know the age rule but I feel that age is measured by maturity. My life has profoundly changed in the past year and I feel like I need to share this experience. I\'m that quiet kid in school, the one who runs around with the huge backpack that hits you when you walk behind it. No one in school would ever believe what I have gone through. I\'ve been called \"smart\" all my life since the third grade, I always felt different from most of my peers, not nessaraly intellectually but I felt more mature. I often disliked how I was always so serious and people often thought I didn\'t have the capability to laugh. I was brought up in a good neighborhood and I only realized how good it was until I went to the other parts of town. I was babied as a child, my parents did not prepare me for the toughness of the real world and I was forced to find out on my own. I was very creative as a child, I had a big imagination and I was always thinking of inventions, and some of them were already in use at the time denounced to me. I was never punished for anything because I didn\'t do anything wrong. In the 5th grade I was put in a special \"gifted\" children program because of my higher than average IQ. I went through middle school in advanced placement classes which I hated but in hindsight I really appreciate the knowledge I gained. Near the end of middle school I had a series of panic attacks and was diagnosed with situational depression and anxiety. I really wasn\'t surprised by that diagnosis considering that my family has a huge history of mental illness and drug abuse. During my freshman year of high school I finally hit puberty, my voice dropped, I grew more and finally got armpit hair. I went to a different high school than most of my friends in the advanced classes and I dropped all of my classes to honors level. The challenge for me in school is not the work, it is dealing with the anxiety of school. If I went to a class a different way than usual I would feel like I was going to have diherrieh because I was so nervous. I just tried to keep it under control by shutting everyone out and focusing on work, I did well in school but my social life was nonexhistant. After school I would hang out with the kids from around the neighborhood who were mostly younger than me. I was a different person in school, quiet hardworking a nervous wreck and very, very emotionally unstable. Once I got home I went through a transformation, I was talkative and got along with everyone. Then one day my friend brought out some beer, we were all excited and I wanted to go about using this substance as scientifically as possible. I didn\'t have much and I got a decent buzz and left for a councler appointment. I never liked drinking much, I wanted something different, sure beer helped me with my depression and anxiety but I didn\'t like having limited control of my body. The one day out of the blue my pothead friend called me up and she said she had a present. I was intrigued and went to meet her, when we met she was oviously high and she gave me a box for a pack of cigarettes. I assumed it was just a pack of marburos and even though I didn\'t smoke I said thanks, and figured I could give them away to someone. Then as I was putting it in my pocket she stopped me she said, \"open it\" and I obeyed. To my suprise there was a little baggy filled with leafy greenery. I was suprised, especially because I didn\'t really care about getting high. I got excited but I held it down to try and make myself seem more relaxed. So the next day after school I took the baggy and opened it, I was confused because, like most beginners, I thought you smoked the leaf. I had no Idea how to smoke it but I ended up making a bong out of a poweraid bottle. So I went up on a cliff near my neighborhood, I knew that I was going to remember that moment for the rest of my life, and I did. I called my other friend and told him to meet me up on the cliff. I got nervous and tired of waiting and I started smoking without him. I had no Idea how much to smoke so I just filled the bowl and started to smoke it. A few hits in I saw him come over the rocks, he had a few hits but I had the most. The girl who gave me the weed said I probably wouldn\'t get high, but sure enough I did. I felt pretty normal as I was walking down the cliff and I got this dry sensation in my mouth, I didn\'t know that it was related to the weed but I ran home for some water. As I was running home all of a sudden I was looking at my back, I had an out of body experience that I have yet to replicate again. From then on I was a changed person. A few days after my first experience I started listening to music I didn\'t really enjoy before. All of a sudden my taste in music expanded. I started carrying around a homemade boom box blasting Pinkfloyd and Bob Marley. I usually wore the same kind of plain shirt each day and the same baseball cap. I liked having the same type of clothes every day because I didn\'t need any added stress about my clothes, school was stressful enough. The work was easy but I was just so nervous I was never comfortable. People picked on me but most people didn\'t even notice me, witch was the way I liked it. I had few friends but we didn\'t really hang out outside of school. Everyone had it set in their mind that I would just sit at home and study. The truth of the matter was that I never studied in my life and I didn\'t even try my hardest in school most of the time but I still got good grades. I was in constant fear of making a mistake or getting in trouble, I hated school. I soon realized that schools all say they promote creativity but when a student goes out of their way to work on a project or even do the daily homework they were alienated, and that\'s what I was and alien in my own school. Because I was so dedicated to my work people made fun of me, no one liked to talk to me either because they thought I was too smart and they didn\'t want to talk. When I was younger I loved to build fake computers out of cardboard, I was fascinated by computers and how they operated and did such complex things. When I got older the cardboard computers were replaced by real ones. My computers were my passion and I loved to build and use them. I hated school and I still do. After I started smoking weed I changed my wardrobe from plain colored shirts to shirts with Bob Marley and other just more exciting shirts. It felt so good to just wear something different than normal, I felt like an individual. Then summer came and I just kept tokin\' up with friends. I felt like doors were being opened for me in my mind, I was very deep in my thoughts and felt inspired to create art or do something creative. I understand emotions better because I have now gone through them. I have matured so much in just one school year. I feel bad about keeping all of my drug use a secret so I made a myspace bulliten that I will post here.

    I use weed, I do not abuse it. Marijuana helps me get in touch with the world and it helps me understand my mental processes. It helps me clear my thoughts and it makes me feel reborn. I look at Marijuana as an amazing thing and it is too sacred to be illegal. I don\"t like breaking the law but weed is worth it. It will change your life, profoundly, like how it so greatly changed mine. I think too many people use weed as a toy and they truly abuse it. Classifying weed as a \"drug” is wrong, it has been used for centuries by many cultures and it was respected it is foolish to try and get rid of something that is capable of so much good. Only recently has it been looked down upon. How can a thing that does so much good be illegal it does not make any sense. It has so many good uses it helps me with my depression and anxiety. It can do great things for the body and mind. Many people say that Marijuana use is bad and it will hurt your grades and brain, not true, I\"m an honors student. I\"m proud of my grades, my name made it in the paper for all four terms, I had distinction, high honors, and I made honors twice. This coming school year I\"m going to be going into advance British Literature. Some of you who are reading this may not even believe it, you may be thinking, \"can this be? Does that quiet kid from school really do something like smoking weed”, the answer is ”yes”, I smoke weed and I\"m tired of keeping it a secret from my family and friends it makes me sad I like to be honest and when the law forces me to keep things quiet I can only do it for a certain extent. There is a long history of drug use in my family, my grandfather smoked weed and dropped acid all the time and he went to Harvard. He eventually died of cancer, and the cancer was not caused by any substance abuse, my grandfather was a huge inspiration to me I wish I could have visited him more and the fact that he was so brilliant, even helping decode the Watergate tapes, proves that drug use is not as bad as some may think. My mom often says I remind her of my grandfather, and I think in my head, \"If only you knew”.

    My dad just came into my room and I told him I smoked weed, it was a hard thing to do but I trusted he would understand, he is cool like that. He just said he appreciated my honesty and that we would talk about it tomorrow. I\'m glad he knows, I feel better, I figured he would understand because he told me the stories about when he used LSD and cocaine, witch in my opinion are more dangerous than weed. Thank you for reading this, I\'m just oozing with words right now. I hope you all can sympathize the change that has happened so recently in my life and if you moderators can find it in your heart to let me stay here, despite my age, on the wonderful forum that is Grasscity.

    Good night and may you have a greater understanding of the universe.
  2. holy this thread serious? :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  3. this thread needs to be stickied.
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with everything in here.
  5. I too know the joys of adderal, it would make me want to conquer the world yet I stopped taking it because it runs me 90 dollars a bottle and I did not want to become dependent on medication which I surely would have because it is powerful stuff. Not as euphoric as you described in my opinion but makes you feel right.
  6. I am glad that you have found peace with everyone around you, and more importantly, with yourself.

    But.. I would highly suggest NOT becoming dependant on Adderall.. I had a very similar experience to yours when I started taking adderall. When I started taking adderall, last summer, I weighed 243 pounds, and was very very overweight. As of today I have lost a little over 80 pounds and I now weigh in at 161 pounds.

    I do not give adderall anywhere near all the credit for helping me lose the weight, because I know it took a lot of self determination and hard work for me to achieve. But let me tell you, after a year of taking what I thought was this \'miracle pill\', I am an entirely different person. Not just physically, but mentally.

    I am telling you this for your own good, tread carefully..
  7. Eh, amphetamines can be pretty fucked up and are physically addictive.
  8. Your a smart kid. When I was 15, in a lot of ways I was just like you. Just be careful. Anxiety and drug use are very dangerous to mix. It makes you more prone to addiction. I know from personal experience. Don\'t go overboard, keep your grades up, and try to keep your nose clean. And most importantly, don\'t stop using your head.
  9. Adderall is a really powerful drug if you use it incorrectly - Obvisiously if your taking them to get high your already are but if you take too much thats when it gets a little tricky - Good luck sleeping if you take a couple of them within a day
  10. and this here my friends is why people get hooked on that shit so easily
  11. Yeah adderall makes it feel like you just took magic motivation pills. But good luck getting any sleep tonight.

    P.s. It makes you impotent for the most part when you take it.
  12. Dude, i could tell you took adderall by the HUGE FUCKING POST!

    anyways, yeah kid, it\'s a hella sweet drug. you feel so happy and content, and you want to talk to everyone, and it helps you get your work done too, its the perfect drug!

    but then you get addicted. and the next thing you know you wake up at 4 in the morning with hella massive nose bleeds from a damaged septum. so all i\'m saying is, be careful with your recreational drug use. I\'ve tried a lot of shit in the past few years (my experimental phase), and had trouble kicking three things : Weed, Cigarettes, and Adderall.

    Weed is awesome though, so keep on keepin on with that. STick to naturals and you\'ll be happy and stoned without any major setbacks like...... addictions.

    good luck with the parental thing. It was tough as hell to tell my pops i sold for a while.

    :metal:keep tokin
  13. just thought I would point out that cocaine and heroine are \'natural\'
  14. coca and opium are natural. I don\'t know about coke and H though.
  15. Well the problem is the word \"natural\" is hard to come up with a concrete definition. You could stretch the word so far to mean \"produceable using natural products\", which covers nearly every product known to man, excluding a few weird radioactive element thingies made in labs, and maybe LSD.

    I mean, damn near anything can be construed as \"natural\" as long as you can perceive of it in reality. But honestly I think the \"natural\" category belongs to things that can be harvested from the wild with little to no influence from man.

    Weed fits this well, as you can set things on fire very easily and with little work. (Dont forget fires occur \"naturally\" all the time as well). Weeds magic happens completely outdoors, if you will, with no intervention from man. Most other drugs require at least SOME work to become their advanced form.

    So yeah, I guess cocaine and heroine -are- \"natural\", but I rarely hear of wildlife doing lines out in the forest.
  16. true but they\'re more \'natural\' than adderall
  17. dude. be a writer. please write something else really long, i want to read it. this is amazing

    i totally agree with everything you said.
  18. Don\'t play around with adderall. It\'s addictive as hell and prolonged use does alter your personality, it completely ruins your sex drive too. I need it for ADHD but during breaks and summer i don\'t take it at all. 30mg 12 hr time release is what i normally take.

    Oh yeah and i think you are gonna get banned pretty quick, so i\'d edit the age part, because no matter how intelligently you post, the rule is a rule.
  19. later bro :wave:, whats with all the kiddies revealing their age?

    in before lock/delete
  20. dude i dont wanna be there when you come of this shit in the morning
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