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Today i had one of probably the top 3 best trips i ever had!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gzip, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. i smoked around only one joint, but it was no normal joint you will see, it was a pure quite a lot cleaned weed, a two zig zags joint, two zags wide, i tell ya is not as little as you might think, then i saw a light.

    i smoked it for 5 minuts, it was a hellish fight, it did not wanted to die, i never had an enemie like that beforem, i was kinda afraid at the middle of the fight but then i knew i was going to win, it was clear, no joint would ever defeat me, never no matter what size it is, with that amount of thc in my veins, knowing now that i was a god-a-like type of smoker, i disisted to think about how much i really smoke, and started to focus in myself, the kid inside my soul, i saw, then a shy little boy dansing around a light, then i saw the light.

    Is weird you know?, im a guy who looks like an Amateur ufc fighter, i dont then to by shy little boy, but i was that in that moment in that place of my mind, then i started to really feel something in my chest a great feeling of calm, relaxation and peace, i was caught of some sord of dream like reality thinking in the really deeps of myself, drawning each tought deep inside my head with quite enought strength to sank any big boat, it was quite a storm, then the morning came in and i saw the light.

    i walked towards a huge darkness, then a wolf came to me and told me, "you have to choose, cero or one?" it was quite clear to my in my dream that the answer was cero, so it pointed me the path trought the darkness and beyond the dreams, i was hit by sertain unknown feelings of losing concentration and not knowing if it was day or night, i also forgot how i came in for a few minuts and saw a streamly red car with a quite interesting driver, who was just no body else but no one....all of the sudden, *boom* i was hit by a huge chocolate, i tryed to eat it but then i sank myself into a big pot of ice cream that was so huge...that i could not saw the end!, i ran as a chicekn to poke the floor far away into my room, scared and feelin pity i ended my trip dreamin again. crealy quite high at the time of writing this
    dont be too harsh :)


    representing SBR!
    wo wo wo yay!
  2. ummm... i kinda understood that...haha
  3. You lost me after you said "I"

    .......but still a good story :)
  4. What kind of weed was this, man?
  5. well.....just dont let me smoke that much and post...
    is dangerous for the readers health
  6. pictures of what i had that night...

    In that bottle i have all the clean pot with no seeds and no sticks...or at least not so many hehehe, it was full last night i smoked quite a lot of it and in that little bag i have the rest of it, all this for just $60usd

    oh and my pipe a friend got it in amsterdam, funny shit it's sold here and i saw it first in real life and even more funny i found out how to use it here cus my friend did not knew :p


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  7. Looks like dirt...
  8. monkey shit friend, that's the name ur looking for...

    and is the best you can get around here, witch sucks

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