Today I got a 1908 nickel *EDIT: Now this is also to share your rare coins*

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    EDIT: FOR NOW ON THIS IS ALSO A RARE MONEY THREAD TOO! :hello: share your cool rare money :D

    Today I went to Walmart, all I bought was a medium coke icee :)yummy:)
    with a $20 dollar bill. The guy gave me back my change and I went on my
    way. Later I took out my change and noticed the guy gave me back this strange coin,
    I was pissed and though he gave me back a Chuck E. Cheese coin or
    something and realized it said 1908 and farther examined it. Here she is...


    Back: Sorry about the terrible picture. Along the top it says "United States of America"
    and the middle is 10 in roman numerals (V) and on the bottom it says "cents"
    (EDIT!!! a V means 5, so a nickel :eek:)

    To be completely honest, when I first reolised it was from 1908 I was
    expecting to be picking up some nice bud after selling it online, but I looked it
    up and sadly found out it is only worth $3 :(

    But still, I find it pretty cool that I have a coin that is over 100 years old. :rolleyes:

    EDIT: I also found out it is 90% silver, but still only worth $3, Haha
  2. that dime looks like some MIDS


  3. Yeah dude $3 dime prices must SUCK where you're at yo i get the dankest rolls of dimes for like $0.50 a pop yo my hookup is so much better but i guess sum ppl got 2 deal aight?
  4. theres a guy that comes into my work that always wants to buy wheat pennies off me. oldest penny i ever got at work was from 1893. that was pretty cool.

    you're coin is in good shape for being in circulation
  5. One time I got a penny from 1943, and when my mom asked for the change from lunch, I said "Fuck you ma this penny is mad old" and she was like wtf ok??
  6. thats badass dude. i have one of those at my grandpas house(i have a coin collection there).

  7. I lol'd
  8. i collect old monies and coins.

    so far, i have a combined total of almost $600 in old monies and coins.
  9. 13 colonies and shit. Pretty cool man. 1912 is my oldest coin.
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    I would start a coin colection, but I would probably lose it right away.

    Every time I find a coin that is slightly odd though, I always think I'm going to make at least $100, but It always turns out being below $4 :smoke:.

    SDC: Haha, I can imagine a really creepy guy coming in every day "askin' if yuh got any new wheat pennies" :laughing:

    and I don't know how anything before 1940 could have made it this far along. It's just amazes me. All the people it has been through and all the strange places it could have been.
  11. my friend (also a fellow blade that goes by KuSH707) has a penny from 1930

    that shit is dope though
  12. Hahaha.

    I'd think that would be awesome to find a 100 year old dime, bummer it was only worth 3 bucks. Oh well, maybe something you can hold onto then pass down?

  13. Wohhh I didn't reolise that's what the 13 stars stood for?

    xtiffany: Do you have alot of coins that are worth small amount or not that many coins that are worth alot? I have always wanted to be rich from finding coins, also I have always wanted to find something for $2 dollars at a thrift store that turns out to be worth $10,000.

    That's why I watch that show Antique Road Show :eek:
  14. V = 5

    x = 10
  15. i got one of those things too

  16. :eek: I've been living a lie!!!

    I feel stupid for fucking that up lol, but why did they put a V if it is a dime?

    JV: Yeah, not a bad idea, even if I keep it till I'm old and saggy and see what it's worth then. lol
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    That's a liberty head nickel, not a dime.

    It's sad that I had to google what it was called, I kept thinking barber :(

    I miss having an active coin collection. But it's a hobby that doesn't really go many places and takes a fuckton of money. Though it's good to have silver and gold around this time.

    No, that's not silver, but it's probably still only worth about 3 bucks, I would doubt it's more than 5.

    I really love the repersentations of liberty in a classical style on our older coins, and I fucking hate current US coinage. *edit* not to say that liberty is the kind I meant. It's an ok style, but a pretty fuckin ugly face, expression, and chin fat. I meant the barber, mercury, perhaps morgan, and various standing/walking liberty designs.

  18. i thought you ment a dimebag from 1908... haha

  19. Dick, thanks for making me look like a dumbass in my own thread!! :mad:

    ;) just kidding man, I guess I am a dumbass :rolleyes:. I didn't reolise how many blades are/used to be, coin collectors, ha. That story in the wiki page is pretty funny about the deaf guy who tried to make counterfeits. I'll post it in here for other people...

  20. Nice! Even if it's only worth three bucks at least that's way more than it was worth originally xD I got handed back a gold penny the other day and I was trippin on it, I knew it had to be a rare coin or something. I looked it up when I got home and found out it's worth one dollar. Not much, but still to hold 100 times more value than another penny is pretty dope. I'll post a picture up in here. We might as well start a "Rare Coins Thread" while we're at it :p

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