Today changed my life...

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  1. I found a chinese food place 8 minutes away from my house that delivers for only 2$ extra, man I fucking love my life. :smoke:

    Did I mention they deliver everynight until 2 am?

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  2. DUDE!!!! That is a bomb delivery price. I'm jealous. Although I have a korean place across the street.... fuck walking though.
  3. Nice bro, chinese is BOMB
  4. RIGHT? The best part is the guy who answers the phone is actually english so i can fucking understand everything he's saying ! :hello:

    Edit: Also, my meal was only 5$ Crabrangoon, Chicken and pork fried rice.
    Enough to keep my munchies under control i'll tell you that.
  5. I ruvv Chi-knee foo!
  6. dat chicken and broccoli
  7. Yesterday I was hungover like a mofo so I went to the mall and got some chicken fried rice, chow mein, sesame chicken and chicken balls with sauce

    was SO FUCKEN GOOD, hooooo-ah

    [ame=]Hoo-ah! HA! Oh Yeah - Al Pacino - YouTube[/ame]
  8. if its 8 minutes away why delivery?
    hate to be the one to say it though lmao I know were all lazy as fuck
  9. haha. Sometimes that couch lock is just too much man...
  10. 8 minutes away and you still get delivery? Fuck that man

    Drive your ass over there, heck with as much oil/fat is in there, take teh bike/walk
  11. you better tip that dude
  12. I know though so many people do that... I place orders for delivery for my job right now lol and some people call back complaining "WHY ISN'T IT HERE YET THE STORE IS ONLY LIKE 5 MINUTES AWAY.....???" and what I do is transfer em to the store... but i wanna be like goddamn go get it yourself you lazy pieces of ass hole meat.........
  13. holy santaclause shit. i love that crab and cream cheese thing, god i fuckin love chinese in general

    i know what im gettin tomorrow
  14. Because i'm high as fuck and I could just get it delivered to me?:smoke:

    Edit: I gave him 7$ in quarters, he didn't seem mad. I appologized for it being all quarters and he just said "hey man, everything helps" I knew he smoked bud, I could just tell but I didn't have the balls to offer him hahahahaha.
  15. That looks nasty. I'll stick to Wendy's dollar menu
  16. To each his own my friend. But I happen to like both :D

    Wendy's chocolate frosties :yummy:
  17. it's all about the junior bacon cheese
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    Best fucking dollar menu can get more than enough for under $5..heaven.
    Oreo parfaits are also delicious for a buck 50

    5 spicy nuggets
    Jr cheeseburger
    Chicken sandwich
    Monterey ranch chick sandwich
    Value fries

    Each .99?!? Foodgasm
  19. Damn, you're one lucky muthafucka' I gotta drive about 3 miles baked as hell or just tell my GF to get it for me

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