today at work I was a skunk

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  1. so my buddy got this new weed, blue cheese, and its goddamn skunky.........
    I had like 3 grams, (wrapped in fucking plastic, not a bag, because he didn't have one at the time lol) and he dropped me off at work, at a call center.
    I work for a fast food delivery service type thingy, and its just one part of the call center.
    I walk up to my area, and go see the control desk, where the managers are all sitting, and some regular employees like me, (about 3 managers and 1 employee if I remember correctly..)
    i was just there to grab speakers so i could play my ipod while I was working lol, and While i was fidgetting arround with the speakers to get em out, buddy was like holy fuck lol you smell like a dead skunk, and kept saying shit like that, my managers didnt say anything at all, but they know I blaze, and don't really care cus im one of the best employees haha (employee of the month last month :hello:) and i dont even try lol, im always blazed as fuck, well i try but its not hard and I don't try hard thats for sure hahaha
    but yeah, walked from the control desk where all the managers were, all the way down to my desk, and literally every single person I walked by was looking at me saying I smell good and what not, hahaha some were more like the other guy though like holy fuck you reek buddy.. lol
    I ended up asking some chick for her subway bag and I wrapped my weed in that, knotted it, and the smell was gone pretty quick according to the guy beside me.
    after a while, when only the cool manager was there I went out and blazed on my break.. fuck that blue cheese is amazing lol
    Now im home, takin blue cheese rips, sippin a beer and typing this thread...
    Nothing crazy really even happened haha just felt like making a thread cus I haven't in a while..
  2. now that ive read my post..
    fuck im blazed
  3. You shouldn't go to work with marijuana in your pockets. It is a controlled substance after all. :rolleyes: Anyways, next time I would spray like a mother fucker. ;)
  4. lol so you reeked because of the weed in your pocket or because you blazed?
  5. yeah I know normally i'd have it under control (I bring weed to work alot, you don't understand, its not very sketchy at all where I work.. but you still don't wanna reek up the place haha)
    atleast half of the maybe thousand-ish? employee's at this call center smoke weed... and maybe its like 500-ish I really am not sure lol,...

    both.. I mostly vaped before going to work so I didn't reek as if I'd have smoked..
    the weed stank so hard.. although my smell is weak as fuck lately so I can't even really tell..
    But every fucking body else could lol

  6. yeah bro spray down, no need to get caught up and ruin your great attitude.
    shit can happen in a second thats why u gotta just make sure shit doesnt happen
  7. I don't spray axe or anything that sprays...
    I have deodorant, I don't like smelling like prince charming's farts...
    where I live, its not a very big deal to smell like weed sometimes.. not very many people frown upon it anymore..
    well, at my workplace, for sure.
    although, I hate when every single person I come into a 2 meter radius with tells me I reek, out loud,
    chill maynnnnnn
  8. Most non smokers don't associate the skunk smell with marijuana. You're in the clear my friend.
  9. lol, where I live they definitely do :p
  10. Yeah, call centers are easy. Basically act happy the whole time, otherwise the other person on the line will hate you.

    I had a friend who smelled like a skunk there daily... I don't blame him :)
  11. damn haha no need to spray or anything, sounds like you have some loud op haha could you post some pics? anyways sounds like you have a chill as job haha
  12. Well good for you OP
    Glad you're happy and all but hey you gotta stay happy right?
    So might wanna be more discreet with the smell/toking at work.
    I always smoke before/after but never during and I always make sure i smell good.
    (but really that has nothing to do with weed anyways.) Blaze on.
  13. i thought i could smell some blue cheese, it was you!
  14. so you going to do it again tomorrow?
  15. how did u blaze at work? like what method u use
  16. yes, ill be doing it again today. But im not gonna be an idiot and walk into work with my stinky ass weed half ass wrapped in plastic lol, its gonna be in an airtight container.
    And I usually hit my chillum at work, but sometimes I bring my bubbler.
    they really don't give a fuck if your stoned, just don't reek up the place hahaha
  17. take a couple hits from the bong, then go back into work
  18. lol, I don't bring a bong to work, well I bring my little bubbler sometimes and we rip it like a bong in buddys car..
    gonna do that today actually.
    and yeah my job, we can easily blaze during our shifts, if its not busy (not alot of calls coming in) the managers try their hardest to get people to log out of the phone for like 15 minutes , cus we're losing money basically getting payed for nothing .. (we arent, but the company is)
    So yeah, they know we like to blaze, so they offer us 15 minutes sometimes and shit haha
    I love my simple ass motherfucking job.
  19. That sounds tight as fuck like the jobs the dudes have in that movie Grandma's boy. just testing video games and blazing it up everyday
  20. Haha you seem to have a very workaholics tv show vibe, toking at work and stuff. Sounds like a chill job!

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