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Tobbaco in Joints

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GroTrees, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Who here doesnt roll tobacco in there joints
  2. all green baby
  3. heh im cool. I mean no offense to anyone when i say this but anyone ive ever known to mix tobacco with weed has had some shitty weed. If i want a cigarette ill have one if i want a joint ill have one but im not going to mix the two together, i dont see the point cause if its good weed its gonna taste hella good why ruin that taste with tobacco if you like tobacco taste you can just smoke a cig after you blaze.

    Thats my view on it, i dont knock anyone who mixes tobacco with weed. Were all gettin high, just different strokes for different folks
  4. i like it pure and green
  5. I agree with the majority so far... I'm a pot purist.
  6. i was jus wonderin, i had it in my head that everybody did and i never have once, i jus cant see ruinin a good joint
  7. yesterday i had a jay with a friend who said that there was a bit of tobacco from a chocolate blunt.. very little though and the cone was so round and perfect!! it gave the jay more tastiness and i still got really high
  8. i think this is more of a european thing, its jus something us americans would never consider. a lot of shit over there they would mix together that we jus wouldnt. im tryin to remember all the movies ive seen that more specifically had the UK in them and the meals were completly off the wall :)

    ive have a friend from overthere when he comes here thats how he prefers to smoke. i personaly dont care for it since i value the taste of dank.
  9. I think you're right. I've always used tobacco, everywhere I've been in Europe. Specially now, since we almost only get uor hands on hash, we gotta use tobacco.
  10. I like to mix it together. If you don't have enough weed to roll a full joint, why not put in some tobacco? And I like the taste when it's mixed.

  11. Yeah I only put tobacky in if I'm light on weed.
  12. never have never will. its not like im against tobbacco i smoke cigs but i just dont see the point of mixin it with weed.
  13. can't say iv'e ever been light on weed, smoked up one day and have been high since lol

  14. why, not just smoke a bowl then? conserve...
  15. I used to think it would be terrible, but once I didn't quite have enough for a joint so I mixed some decent rolling tobacco with it and it wasn't that bad. I'd still rather roll straight green, but tobaccy doesn't bother me.
  16. MJ only.....Thats the only way to go
  17. tobaco is wacko , why smoke that when u got weed?

  18. Hes right....when you got weed you gotta smoke it, none of this tabbaco shit...unless you dont wana get stoned..and if thats the case then just send me all teh weed you get
  19. ya dude i duno bout you all but i smoke 2 get high as fuck.....more weed n u get more stoned, tobacco is good for lung cancer n emphysma an thats bout it
  20. depends on the bud in my opinion, i mean like, i got this right crumbly dry pot the other day, and i have always been a fan of the pipe, but i decided to roll it for once, and i cant really roll all that well. So i sat there for like 20 minutes trying to roll this stuff, and it was just biffing all over the place, i just couldnt roll it, it was so dry, so i tossed in a little bit of tobacco, and had no problem rolling a pimpin J. Perfectly rolled, which is surprising for me .... but yeah ... ranting rocks ....

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