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Tobbacco in your joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Barnaby Jones, May 13, 2010.

  1. here in the uk everyone I know who smokes spliffs with roll it with tobbacco not just pure. I've never had a pure one so I can't make judgements about which is bet. I find it burns nice enough, but I only ever smoke them when I can't get my bong out. I guess I don't to it often enough to get the addiction bit.
  2. I mix joints with tobacco when I'm smoking by mself. This method is called a "spliff" and used by many people to ensure the slow and even burning of it.

    nah but it saves weed and it burns evenly i find
  4. altho in america mixing the two is called spliff, a spliff really just referes to an impressively rolled joint, often in a cone shape using king sized papers.

    Back to the point, it does help it to burn more evenly, it also makes your head spin like a a good way, not in a "im gonna be sick" way. I also feel like 100lbs heavier for like 10 minutes lol.
  5. hahah its not like im smoking spliffs daily. i was just wondering because this weekend im gonna roll 3 and bring em to a party. thought i might mix with tobacco because i like em phat.
  6. Tobacco and weed don't fall under the same category in my opinion because well, one kills and the other one doesn't. I don't think inhaling tobacco smoke into your lungs does wonders either.
  7. i already smoke tobbaco so tobbaco with weed is a common thing for me but only in joints and blunts because if you mix weed with tobbaco in a pipe your pipe will smell like tobbaco and tobbaco resin will get in it and its a bitch to clean
    besides i eat splenda by itself,i smoke,drink,get high im just a train of cancer
    hell i like tobbaco so much i dont have weed with my tobbaco i have tobbaco with my weed
  8. I quite like mixing tobacco with my weed every now and then. The head rush can be pretty intense and I find when they are mixed together the tobacco really boosts the onset and intensity of the weed. However I found that after frequently adding tobacco, I would add more and more tobacco to my bong hits/spliffs each time, until I had formed an itsy bitsy tobacco habit which I didn't really like, and hadn't experience with just plain weed.
    So I cut that down, and stuck to my weed. :p
  9. I'm a bit of a conservationist, so whenever I roll a blunt I save the tobacco. I like the slight headrush that lasts just long enough for the bud to hit you.
  10. ive been mixing weed with tobacco for 5 years now and so far not addicted, in fact i hate tobacco by iutself
  11. Coming from someone who's been chain smoking cigarettes since 11p.m. last night, I won't even put cigarettes in my joints.
    When I want to get high using papers, I'll roll a joint with weed.. As I don't smoke weed just to get high, I enjoy the taste of pure weed. I'll smoke my joint then smoke a cigarette afterward.

    If your bud isn't wet (improperly cured) or dry as shit, and you have no stems and seeds in it and it's ground up good and you know how to roll a joint properly, you shouldn't have a problem.
  12. I guess it burns it slower but i myself try to avoid these kinds of joints as much as possible i dont smoke any kind of tobacco THAT much maybe once or twice a month.. any way i like my joints with just weed.
  13. if you try smoking a pure joint with weed compared to a spliff then you will notice the spliff is less harsh then the pure weed joint and also the spliff burns slower.

    But it's up to opinion only, Sometimes i spliff sometimes i don't. I don't smoke cigarettes much

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