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Tobbacco in your joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Barnaby Jones, May 13, 2010.

  1. does mixing tobacco with your weed make your joint burn more evenly and with less waste?

    i have this rum flavored tobacco thats so mild it dosent taste like tobacco. i rolled half and half and i couldent taste the tobacco, and it was so phat! dam that weed was dank.

    i like pure but this rum tobacco is not bad.

    do you mix with tobacco? why or why not.
  2. I'm curious what people will say myself. I'm sure a lot will say, "Hell no! Tobacco's bad!" or something like that.

    I never tried it myself though. How was it?
  3. i like mixing with tobacco, you conserve weed and get a bigger joint and plus you get a awesome headrush which kicks of the weed high nicely

    i usually only have cigarette tobacco which can be pretty nasty and harsh so i dont use to much ( about half a cigarette per spliff)
  4. yeah, i have a cigar cutter and i cut off about 1/4 inch off this old rum flavored cigar. its its just really mild.

    i like rolling phats but i dont wanna consume my whole stash. plus im a lightweight. i reccomend this method. i didnt taste the tobacco at all. it was a mild aloha cigar i got from hawaii a few years back.

    i would recomend using mild cigar tobacco as filler. i really liked it. but nothing beats packing a bowl of fresh
  5. I believe that is called a "SPLIFF" son... and yes is burns more evenly and you do get a little headrush:smoking:
  6. I don't use tobacco at all, I save my lungs for the bong rips :bongin:
  7. i know what a spliff is...
  8. I really like tobacco with my pot.
  9. Im far, far, far from being a fan of mixing tobacco with weed. Eww.. but hey thats just me if you like it, then great.
  10. If you like a constant throat tickle, coughing up shit the consistency of rubber bands, heart disease, addiction, and lung cancer, tobacco's just the thing for you!

    Honestly, seriously think about putting an addictive, dangerous substance in your non-addictive, non-harmful herb. Search on the forums here and read the posts of all the people who didn't think they'd get addicted to tobacco.
  11. #11 SmokeIfYouGotEm, May 13, 2010
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    Tobacco is a herb and you are an idiot.

  12. Thanks for the constructive comment, Bucky. What did I say that was untrue? Believe it or not, there are lots of dangerous "herbs." In fact many in the same family as tobacco (nightshade) are deadly to humans.

    You sound like someone to whom looking cool is more important than your health.
  13. here in melb, aus everyone i know mixes with tobacco i dont know why but i do prefer it to straight weed, burns better in my opinion
  14. well,if you like cancer then go right ahead,Tobacco it up :p

  15. Watch out, that dude from Romania up there will call you an idiot too.
  16. hell no!
    weed is harmless and somewhat healthy, once u add tobacco that takes away the somewhat healthy and harmless part of
  17. #17 SmokeIfYouGotEm, May 13, 2010
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    Man, i didn't want to be rude or resort to name calling, that's not the path of the Romanian(what? :confused:), but i got angry because of people's ability to be manipulated by the media.

    I mean, you're on this forum, i'm on this forum right? People here are looked down upon by society. We're stoners, junkies, meth-heads, e-tards, whatever. But i figure we're actually the cool guys, the informed guys, the guys that know that everything used with responsibility is quite alright.

    So i hate it when people ON THIS FORUM regurgitate all the negative stats about tobacco and when they truly believe that one or two smokes will get them hooked for life and cause them cancer on top of that. It's just ridiculous and hypocritical.

    My two cents, and i apologize for calling you an idiot.

  18. Well, that was a nice post explaining your position. It's true, a little bit of tobacco (just like a little bit of anything, heroin, coke, etc.) is not going to hurt you. But what I was trying to emphasize is that it's a highly addictive substance nevertheless, and I've seen a lot of people post here that have gotten hooked on it from smoking blunts, spliffs, or poppers. I'm a former tobacco smoker and I've quit the shit twice or three times now and it's not easy. Also, I'm older and I see first hand what it can do to a person in the long run. I've already lost one family member to throat cancer (and lemme tell you, that's a NASTY way to go) and I have a couple old friends doing chemo and radiation for lung cancer. That's not to mention what it does to your heart, skin, and the mess it makes of your life having to drop everything every 10 minutes to inhale toxic smoke.

    If you're someone who can use it once in a while and not get hooked, great. But you have to be well informed of the dangers. In my opinion, it's not worth it, especially since so many kids smoke tobacco just because that's what they see others doing.
  19. yeah bro it tastes great, and sometimes itll burn more evenly but it actually hows nothing to do w that, it has to du with distrabution throughout the joint
  20. I do prefer it without or with a tiny bit of tobacco. I'm not gonna complain if someone does it because most people in the UK I know do do it.

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