tobacoo vs marijuana for getting underaged

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  1. Ah i see

  2. more people could afford to spend more if they didn't think marijuana was so bad that they had to send their kids to rehab meaning more money is given back to government for the tax on items. Plus they could give u a ticket . Just like if u get caught selling a minor alcohol or sell it illegally(like alcohol)
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    They don't think marijuana is bad. Think of the money from people that NEED rehab (jail instead?), money from private prison industries, pharmaceutical companies, tobacco, clothing, lumber (very long list). Then you have to think of all the political jobs that would be lost, the government having to admit they were wrong and wasted billions of our tax dollars, and all the DEA and shit would be out of the job. They know what they're doing. We keep calling them stupid, but we are stupid for assuming they don't know what's happening. They would just rather keep it the way it is, locking up innocent people. Allowing kids to ruin their lives at a young age to try a harmless plant and get a record to be a pawn of THE MAN. :cool: It also keeps you all distracted from all the violence overseas and in our own backyard. They don't give a fuck about you, or me. They would rather have me DEAD than to have a joint and that ain't no lie. Wall o txt!

    So to sum it up. It isn't about what's good or bad. We lost our humanity and we have no morals in this country. We say land of the free but the government has taken out freedoms. It's about money and always will be even if regulation brought money in. It isn't the dirty money they want.
  4. ah i see that makes since but they going have to sooner or later.

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