tobacoo vs marijuana for getting underaged

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    Eighteen isn't too young to go back to school and learn to spell, you should look into that.

    Easy, dealers don't ID. It's illegal whether you sell to someone who's 14 or 40, so they'll sell to anyone willing to pay. That's the beautiful thing about illegal drugs, you don't have to be a certain age to buy them.
  2. no lie, basically everyone is being a dick here. He said he wasn't underage, and he had a question which no one gave a real response to, almost no one.

    But to the OP, that's something I've noticed and a lot of my friends have too. I never tried to buy alcohol, but that was the same situation; people would complain about not getting alcohol WHILE smoking lol. Weed was never an issue to obtain.
  3. .. So is the 12 in your name referring to your age?
  4. why are people dicks when i try to figure out what legalizing weed would be like. It seems like it would be hard to get if it was legal for minors.
  5. Not at all true, when I was 16 I could just roll off my own cigarettes from my dad's rolling machine, well could have if I smoked tobacco. But smoking is BAD guys lolololo I literally just busted up.
  6. [quote name='"austyn12"']

    im not going to argue i know im 18 and thats all that matters.[/quote]

    Lol I don't care dude.

    Actually I can't express the amount that I do not care. Nobody cares if you're underage as long as you aren't acting retarded.

  7. haha i know i would of gave up by now . Those assholes probably already reported me for sop sly being under aged without proof.
  8. [quote name='"austyn12"']

    haha i know i would of gave up by now . Those assholes probably already reported me for sop sly being under aged without proof.[/quote]

    Your op is really suspect. Its easy to see why one would think your a youngin
  9. I could always retrieve cannabis so much easier than tobacco during my years of high school, this used to put me up the walls because I wasn't dependent on cannabis, but I was very dependent on smoking cigarettes. The joys of the teenage years.
  10. God damn age police they're worse than the underagers btw op yes it was harder even though I never smoked I could of almost any time I wanted
  11. If you are friends with someone whom is eighteen it is much, much easier for them to buy you ciggs. They can walk into any store and buy them legally then give them to you. They don't have to contact an illegal drug dealer and wait to get illegal drugs.
  12. Yeah, easier to get weed than cigs or alcohol.
  13. I could get all of them just as easy i could just ask one of my brothers to buy me cigs or liquor, or id just ask someone outside the shop.
  14. Really? You guys couldn't get alcohol or cigs? My parents let me brew my own alcohol (It's actually super easy.)
  15. [quote name='"Chinchar"']Really? You guys couldn't get alcohol or cigs? My parents let me brew my own alcohol (It's actually super easy.)[/quote]

    Qft and cheap as fuck too
  16. [quote name='"MarleyIsaLegend"']"Cigguarts" are terrible for you. They may seem "cool" or "hip" at your age, but when you are toting around an oxygen tank with half a lung left, shit won't be too "rad".[/quote]

    The only people who actually think smoking is cool and do it to look cool are douchebags, it's just like weed.... Some people just enjoy it :confused_2: though I agree cigarettes are none too healthy for you
  17. Unless you work somewhere or know the clerk, cigs are hard as shit to get. I used to work at rite aide when I was 16 so getting them was easy.

    Weed was easy, too. Id just pick some up when I went to school lol
  18. I could never get booze unless my mom bought it but she was cool with drinking and bud. She didn't care for my tobacco habbit though.
  19. It's called regulation. The government knows that making marijuana legal will stop all these kids smoking pot (or at least decrease availability). Yet, they want you to smoke. They want you to break the law so they can throw you in prison and get paid from your misery. AMURICA FUCK YEAHHH!

    Afterthought: I've been denied cig purchases before when I was 18 and 19.. That's some real shit aye? Drug dealers don't give a fuck who they sell to. It's about money (as usual) but at least it isn't going to kill ya.

  20. hmm it seems that if parents want the % of kids to stop smoking marijuana to be lowered only way would be to legalize it. Obviously overreacting how bad Marijuana is in schools isnt working. Its getting more common even the kids that are only 11 or 12 get connections .Ive smelt Marijuana on them when i walk around.

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