tobacoo vs marijuana for getting underaged

Discussion in 'General' started by austyn12, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. marijuana can be but yeah its easier to quit then it would if u drank or smoked .

  2. Its not addictive at all, its habit forming though, which is completely different.
  3. Marijuana is easier to get because someone is making a profit off of it, buying cigarettes is usually just a favor that requires a friend who is older than 18.

  4. yeah i guess you right but they similar.

  5. true probably 2-5 $ a pack profit instead of 10 -20$ a gram profit.

  6. Why would you need someone else to buy you cigarettes if your 18?
  7. What an odd way to word it. You have to be underaged...cigguarts...You are so horrible at spelling and such. I imagine you are underaged. You just let it slip...

  8. im thinking of the past and what it would be like if marijuana was legal too. I dont like cigarettes they are so nasty i dont know why i ever liked them.

  9. Hmmmmm
  10. Jesus dude, not to be a dick or anything but you must have had a horrible time in English class.

  11. He's not even 18...:laughing:
  12. Pot was easier to get until I was 16, when a few of my friends turned 18

  13. yeah i did i dont remember what its called but i got this learning disorder that makes it so it takes 3x as much to rember stuff 3x as hard to think of how to do creative writing and 3x as hard to learn.
  14. Well now don't you all feel like dicks for making fun of the special kid?

  15. im not a kid
  16. Nah at least people call him special.
  17. [​IMG]
  18. dyslexia? or is that just reading? lol idk aspergers? I am just naming shit at this point

  19. not sure at all what its called its labeled as a learning disorder tho not really a reading disorder.
  20. [quote name='"austyn12"']

    not sure at all what its called its labeled as a learning disorder tho not really a reading disorder.[/quote]

    Who said you have it ?

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