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What do yall think?

  1. Smoke it all the time

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  2. Why the fuck would u mess with that shit

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  3. Mix it with my weed

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  4. Only if im dry

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  1. I was just wonderin what yall think of it...
  2. i smoke em.... but gotta quit.. sucks sooo bad... but i never end up quittin... i hate myself :(
  3. I HATE cigarette tobacco. Way too many things are added to that shit. I smoke cigars all the time though...
  4. i hate that shit.... i like good cigars, and the occasional mentol cig when im plastered (even though not very often)
    ill stick to weed
  5. Smoked that goddam tobacco for 28 or 29 years and what I have got to show for it is a fucked up heart and lungs. I quit in the 80's and a few years later had a heart attack and never beeen the same since. BE WARNED! Dr. says no more pot unless I eat it. So I will have to learn to cook--as soon as I can find a dealer. It's been a few years and I don't have a clue how to find one now. Any suggestions? antique stoner
  6. yea, boo to tobacco. tried that shit out when i was a kid for a while. didnt see the point and had too many drawbacks.. havent smoked since. only thing tobacco is good for is blunts/bluntwraps hehe
  7. i like a good spliff from time to time but other then that i dont smoke unless im drinking then i smoke like a fire place death is creping up on me i think
  8. im assuming that CA mean cali. it might be hard unless u know someone at work, but u could jst move or start growing. jst get a sak and get the seeds and hope they are still good and grow. u could also use an evaporizer couldnt u? theres no smoke
  9. I don't really mind tobacco, smoke it the odd time whenever offered or whenever i've got my own which isn't very often.

    The stuff stinks though.
  10. for like the past 2 or 3 years, i pretty much only smoke cigs Ocassioncally when im drinkin. i usually have a pack for about 2-3 weeks or so.

    ........i sure do smoke a lot of weed though
  11. ...hate 'em....but use 'em...i know i'm weak!...

  12. Besides letting little comments like "man, this would be so much better if I was blazed", or "I could sure go for a jay right now", and seeing their reaction...

    You could always grow your own! (Assuming everyone in your house/appt is cool with you growing and you have a fair amount of privacy)
  13. Yo, it's definitely bad news; I think it even killed off the dinosaurs, but if it was good enough for the American Indians, it's good enough for me!

    sherwood---(I'm going on a raiding party. Who's with me?)

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