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  1. I was just curious how many tobacco users we have here on these boards. I'm probably one of the few here who doesn't smoke cigarettes but does chew tobacco (college baseball player). What are your preferences?
  2. Personally i think cigarettes are nasty
  3. I'll toast a Wine Black every once and a while, and I'll hit up the Hooka bar every once in a while, other than that, negative to the tobacco.

    BTW. I'd rather have lung cancer than have no lip or tounge. Chew tobacco is gross.
  4. I smoke ciggs every once in awhile.

    For some reason, I crave them when I'm high.

    I agree that chewing tobacco is grossss. Sorry for the people who do, it just repulses me.
  5. Shit, I forgot about hookas. I'll smoke hookah when offered. I do realize chew is bad in the long run. I think I got hooked on the stuff when I watched Curt Schilling pitch in the playoffs a few years ago with a bloody sock. Curt's one of my heros and that game was incredibly inspirational. After his first inning with the bloody sock he came into the dugout, packed his can, threw in a hamer, packed it again and threw in another into his upper lip. After seeing that man rock a double decker in the playoffs with a bloody sock. That was one of the most badass performances I've ever witnessed and I've liked chew ever since.

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