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  1. When I said that Tobacco is evil I mean't the end product and how morally depraved (corrupt) the Tobacco companies are.
  2. Yep and drug dealers and importers, they're really nice people.

    But yeah, I know what your saying.

    And agree entirely.



  3. Hey BH, RMJL, Sensi, whichever Mod reads this first....

    Think it might not be in the right forum? Unless I've missed something....
  4. Took care of it Indianna! Thanks
  5. No prob BH! Gotta keep our fourms in order...We all have a hard enough time remembering stuff without having our fourms mixed up!!
  6. Tobacco is "evil... eeeeeeeeeeevil!" (This is an imitation of mermaid man off of spongebob squarepants... if ya know what I mean, lol)
  7. I smoke both weed and tobacco. I respect others right to a smoke free environment.If we pick on the poor tobacco plant what's next,weed!!HE HE HE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. sponge bob is the shit!

    I think of austin powers when i hear eeeeeeeevil
  9. <--- Bud Smoka Only

    Cigars whenever I get my hands on them, though. :D
  10. Mini Me loves chocolate!!!!!!
  11. I smoke cigars and sometimes tobacco out of a pipe, but never cigs. I refuse to smoke something that tastes like ass multiple times in one day just so I don't feel like shit. Sometimes I'll smoke tobacco stuff everyday for a while and then I'll stop for a while. I'd rather not be addicted.
  12. i h8 smokin although i still do it, its fuckin killin me softly and its so hard to get out of, een wheni try just to smoke weed i end up smokin a few ciggies in between, us as humans r paying te biggest prize for takin that sihtty cancer stick a early grave.

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