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  1. Why is there so much hate on tobacco? I mean, I know cigarettes are slowly killing me, but it's my choice to smoke them so who cares? I just feel like sometimes the members of the cannabis community are hypocrites. They don't like when people condemn them for smoking cannabis, but they're eager to do the same thing to tobacco smokers.

    Anyway, I don't mean to sound rude or anything. I was just high and thinking about this :p any thoughts/opinions?

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    Because cigarettes kill you and weed doesnt. If you wanna smoke cigarettes yourre an adult, you know the risks. Marijuana has so many health benefits as opposed to none in tobacco, so the scrutiny weed smokers face is different than what cigarette smokers face.
  3. I don't hate cigarette smokers, I just really don't like cigarettes themselves haha. I don't know, it's your own choice and I'm not bothered unless you're blowing nasty hits to my face or asking me for money to buy them.

    Weed is nice! fuck tobacco man roll a joint
  4. Meh I just try my best not to let it phase me. Specially when someone brings up something like cancer or how dangerous it is or something. Like we haven't heard it a million times before. And when I do smoke I'm courteous with it. If I'm out smoking a cigg and someone walks past me, I either move away or blow my smoke straight up in the air, nowhere near them. Especially when parents and their kids walk by. 
  5. Fuck cigarettes. Smoke em all you want, but fuck em.
  6. thread/
  7. I think it's taken way out of proportion.  Yes, cigarettes aren't good for you.  Anyone here can tell you that.  How long am I going to live as a smoker though based on empirical evidence.  Well, most smokers don't develop lung cancer until their 60's or 70's.  Not the best way to go out, but it's still a decent length.  OK.  Now let's look at other things.  Motherfucking McDonald's for instance.  I would go as far to say that McDonald's greasy ass food is worse for my cardiovascular system than cigarettes are for my respiratory system.  People that eat McDonald's often, or should I just say fast food in general, usually end up dying of a heart attack or stroke.  It usually hits sometime between mid-40's and late-50's.  Yes, tobacco isn't good for you, but as tokers you should've learned by now to spot propaganda.  The majority of the "RAZE" facts against tobacco spell straight propaganda.  They're bad for you, but they aren't any worse than certain other things in the free market.
  8. I can't believe OP smokes cigarettes.
  9. This. It's just the people that blow in in your face and shit that makes the non cigarette smokers hate it. Or at least me. I don't mind it otherwise.
  10. Sure, smoke away, it's your body.  To be fair, you should make a resolution that when your lungs are a burned out tar pit you will man up and not complain about having to gasp for every breath because non-smokers just won't want to hear it, just like now you don't want to hear them telling you about how smoking is ruining your lungs.  Also have fun carrying around that little oxygen canister and having a plastic tube sticking in your nose while you are shopping at Walmart.  Or are you special?  Do you not see a difference between deciding to smoke a joint and having an addiction forcing you to smoke a pack of cigs?  I agree those anti-tobacco zealots need to cool it, they are wasting their time talking to people in denial.
  11. Word. I usually make it a point to not smoke around kids at all. Not only cause of the secondhand smoke but also because I don't want them to think it's "cool" and I always blow smoke away from people. So like I said, I don't understand why this country has condemned cigarettes so much haha. It doesn't affect anyone but me, and I'm fully aware that they're very bad for me, so let me smoke in peace :D

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  12. A lot of people don't like it when others have vices different from their own. It's the same reason most drugs (including marijuana) are still illegal in the US.
  13. There's no scientific proof that cigarettes kill you :smoke:
  14. what i really hate are those Truth commercials....what point are they trying to make? everybody already knows that cigarettes aren't good for you....if people want to smoke let them smoke, as long as they aren't blowing smoke in other peoples faces. what people do with there bodies is up to them...i just hate seeing these organizations trying to force their beliefs down other peoples throats.
  15. For real. The only thing I can agree with them on is that kids shouldn't be smoking, which is why I don't smoke around kids. And in all honesty, I wish I wouldn't have started smoking at such a young age, but I still enjoy it and it's still my right to do what I want with my body.

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  16. i thought i was a good troll
  17. they smell gross, they're terrible for you, and they don't get you high. what's not to hate? 
  18. cause tobacco is about to kill a billion people this century
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    unless u r using a vaporizer or a pill form of thc then weed smoke is just as bad as cigarette smoke , i dont know where some of u guys (not just u but anybody saying that) get off thinking "Smoking" weed is so much better for u then tobacco. Look at the studies , and then stop and look at how many people use cigar papers (blunts) to smoke their weed or just normal papers . IF SMOKE is going into ur body then IT CAN KILL YOU , plain and clear !
  20. And wait until weed is legal worldwide and the studies come in a few decades later of how many people died from "SMOKING" weed . Smoking is smoking dont try to justify it people !

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