Tobacco V Weed (smell)

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  1. Personally I feel that I already know the question but a bunch of people that I know say that they think weed smell sticks to shit more than cigarettes. What's your opinion GC?

    P.S I've realized the majority of people that think weed smells more generally don't smoke weed.

    The Brosky:smoke:
  2. WHAT


    Are you joking?

    WEED ALWAYS smells better then tobacco.

    Or it depends. like Schwagg <Hookah.
  3. i've had people tell me that cigarettes don't smell as bad as weed. tbh i think they are retarded, cigarettes are the most vile smell on this planet. weed has a peculiar smell, which one grows to love
  4. ahhh,i ALWAYS love the smell of freshly burnt Marijuana in the air

    but cigarettes dont bother me, i just personal LOVE the smell of weed

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    Yes. Yes. I agree that it smells better no question about it BUT the question was whether you think it sticks to things ya know? Like the inside of your car, house, hair, clothes etc.
  6. I think cigarettes stick more than weed smoke, but I dont smoke cigs so idk.
  7. I smoke in my apt everyday and there is no residual smell. I reek like cigs all day after just 1
  8. None of you have ever tried quitting tobacco then...

    The smell of it just brings back the craving.

    I still prefer the smell of nicely burning bud or hash though.
  9. I love the smell of a cigarette. Yes, even over marijuana
  10. as a person who lived in a smokers house for 3 months after she quit
    ciggarettes smell nose still wrinkles up ocassionally when im even near a menthol.

    i have family who smokes pot however all day everyday when they arent at work in the same room everytime but you cant tell at all when they arent smoking(when people come around they smoke in the bedroom)

    and i smoke in my bedroom everyday and for about 4 months there it wasnt noticable at all...and then the bong spilled "/
  11. All i can tell you is i do NOT box my bedroom (where my clothes are) with cigarette smoke, but its boxed with weed smoke fairly constantly, and my clothes dont smell like weed smoke.... when i smoke a cig outside (not hotboxed obviously) my shirt smells for like 3 hours..... My fingers will smell like it all day if i dont wash my hands.....In fact my room doesnt smell like weed unless its boxed or smoked in recently, while a house where someone smokes cigs, will constantly smell of cigs unless anti-smell measures are taken frequently, so i vote cig smoke sticks much longer
  12. i thought this title said "tacobell weed smell " i was like yes two good things in one

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