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Tobacco through a bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighAsAKite27, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. So im extremely bored and out of weed. So im contemplating ripping open a ciggarette and packing a bowl with it..

    Any personal experiences?

    Any advice?
  2. dont do it.
    its gross.
  3. Sounds like a great idea.
  4. you'll throw up.
  5. No, no, no, no, no, no, and NO.

    If that wasn't clear - NO!!!

    Seriously. That shit will fuck with your lungs. It isn't pipe tobacco - cigarette tobacco is meant to be smoked in a roll-it-yourself or a filtered cigarette. NOT in a bong/pipe. If you were that desperate, you'd need to get Shisha or Pipe Tobacco for it to even be somewhat enjoyable.

    Oh, and there's no buzz. Just lung pains and a KILLER headache. Horrible experiences I won't get into.

    But no, just smoke the fuckin' cigarette and find a friend to smoke you up. You'll thank yourself that you didn't do it. :wave:
  6. Hahaha, Well iv made up my mind. Thought it might of just gave me a gnarly head spin. Ill just smoke it and get drunk.
  7. Haha, word. A very nice alternative.

    But, I'd reverse that order, unless you have more than that one cigarette.

    I find when I get stoned or drunk or fucked up on other unmentionables, I always enjoy the cigarette AFTER I'm fucked up, than if I smoked it before and just got high/drunk/fucked up. I'm always like, damn. That cigarette would have completed the smoke/drink/other drug session perfectly.

    But, good job on the right choice. I had a bad experience in 7th grade, out of a killer homemade bong that when hit with weed would make you die, so imagine it with a full bowlpack of tobacco between 3 people. We each only made one hit each before we vowed never to do it again. :wave:
  8. This thread is hilarious I didn't think someone would be so desperate to try and hit tobacco out a pipe using thy just scrape up negligible amounts of weed.
  9. Now does that seem like a smart alternative?
  10. Hey man, don't hate. I've been there before. Although it wasn't really desperation. It was more of boredom and no drugs/alcohol around.

    Trust me, once you make the mistake once, you never do again.

    I was nervous about trying Shisha out of a Hookah for the first time after that experience, and was relieved to find when the right tobacco is smoked out of the right pipe/paper, it is very enjoyable and not harsh, like it's meant to be.
  11. sorry but this is a horrible idea.....just horrible!
  12. Marijuana + Tabacky + Bong = Mole rips.
    aha I used to do mole rips before I smoke ciggerates and they are something else
  13. EW! No hate bro, but you mixed beautiful maryjane with tobacco IN A BONG!?

    I've rolled spliffs before when all I had was papers, and not enough weed for a full joint, but there was always like 75% weed and 25% tobacco.

    I've NEVER heard of somebody mixing them in a pipe/bong, though. That's crazy haha.
  14. I've heard shisha is enjoyable, but I prefer hashish, myself.
  15. Hashish...Shisha...wooo! I GET IT :hello:

    Haha, but forreal. That was clever. Now, how about a nice block of hashish and some shisha to enjoy after? :D
  16. Did it once when I was a kid 'cause I had no money when I bought my first bong. Gave me a wicked head spin so intense I nearly fell off my chair. Not too good.
  17. Yeah dude you think you cough with weed? Tobacco is way worse and it's absolutely horrible to smoke t in a bong
  18. duuuuuuuuuude itll make you feel REALLY sick and dizzy, not good. I smoke cigs regularily and i CANNOT do that, ive done it outta a Gravity Bong when i was younger and mannn....never again

  19. Haven't done that in while though aha... I just remember it being good at the good :hello:.

    & Yes... in a BONG! :eek: ...
  20. Stupid to even think about.

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