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Tobacco Products During Smoke Sesh?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hopesndreams, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I was wondering, how many of you use any tobacco products such as cigarettes or even chew? I'm from South Dakota, where weed is semi-common, cigarettes are common and chewing tobacco is extremely common. I like to take a dip of chew while I smoke and after I smoke, even though its a little harder to rip a bong with tobacco in your mouth. Just curious.

    P.S. shoutout if you're from SD!
  2. Spliffzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. I used to smoke ciggys after a solid smoke session but I quit smoking funks cause dey bad.
  4. I used to smoke tons of cigs.. Weed always came with a cig + more cigs.. smoked at least PAD, but now I switched to E-cig everything is much better I can breathe and smell again,.
  5. I Always smoke a Square after a good smoking,
  6. i always spin my weed, used to spin around 50 50 but cut back to 25-75/35-65
  7. Currently smoke cigs and am trying to quit the abominable habit. So yes I smoke cigs before during and after I smoke weed...if that makes sense.
  8. No I do not. I smoke weed. Only weed. The most beneficial plant to humankind.
  9. Just puffing flowers here.


    I highly suggest you look into an ecig if you are really trying to quit... They work wonders!
  11. i try to only smoke cigs when im with a few buddies and after smoking a bowl. or while playing disc golf i will smoke. otherwise i never smoke cigs on a regular basis. I think if I let myself smoke all the time my wife would kill me and i would hate the health negz too. but it's so bad for your health so i choose not to go there.
  12. Well, here in England, we often roll spliffs. I don't roll 'em nearly as much as most of my buddies, I like to keep it pure, but I'm not going to turn down a smoke if my friend has rolled with baccy. In addition, we all like a blunt every now and again, and on a rare occasion we might smoke straights after a sesh. All that said, it's not too often there's baccy anywhere near my 'erb.
  13. Blunts is the most I do but it is rare because most of my friends have vapes or bongs.
  14. used to always roll spliffs after fat ass joints and a xanax bar:smoke:
  15. I like a cigarette after finishing toking with the bong.
  16. Sometimes when I sesh with my homies well have a hookah & do smoke tricks
  17. I used to be a big e-cig advocate, then I found out that nicotine in and of itself is a carcinogenic compound, so if you are trying to avoid cancer by ecigs its kind of a useless thing, even though there are less carcinogens than a normal cig.

    Just figured I'd throw that out there
  18. i smoke cigarettes but i am trying to quit (with little success) i used to really enjoy it but now the only times i enjoy it are the first half of the cig i have after work and the first half of a cig i have after a sesh, other than that i hate it it's just addiction that keeps me smoking cigs.
  19. Tobacco completely ruins the weed's flavor, and then you are just smoking more plant matter in a spliff while getting less high+more cancer. Sure maybe if you are poor and have to cut your weed consumption down, roll a spliff if you gotta. But to me it makes sense to get the taste of nug and get high, then go get your tobacco fix if that's what you crave. Hate it when people match with a spliff.
  20. #20 Skull and Bong, Aug 19, 2012
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    This is a topic for debate, and regardless analog cigarettes burn and produce smoke(harmful to the lungs in the first place), and have a plethora of chemicals. These chemicals are extremely hazardous to health and contribute to the overall harm of the cigarette. Burning pure tobacco would be a better option. Oh, and cigarette addiction is not just "nicotine" its also those 500+ chemicals added to the cigarettes because switching from marlboro to an additive free cigarette like american spirit.. or to an e-cig is you find there is a certain "buzz" missing.

    The actual carcinogenic properties of nicotine itself are unconclusive. ecig is vapor, consisting of nicotine, flavors, and propylene glycol or vegetable glycol. No smoke is produced. You cannot sit there and tell me that this is not a safER alternative to cigarettes. In addition to this, the site I specifically gave offers nicotine percentages of 24mg, 22mg, 20mg, 18mg,.... 8mg, 6mg, 0mg. This slow decrease in amount is also effective for slow weaning off of the nicotine addiction.

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