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Discussion in 'General' started by Timely, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hello, I am new to Grass City and have a few questions. I usually smoke cigarettes but am thinking of starting to smoke a pipe just a regular tobacco pipe. I was wondering about types of tobacco I can use. I am looking for something that does not smell to much and does not smell like smoke. Something that smells like a candle or incense. I live in Michigan and they have strict smoking laws so I cant smoke in public places. I am currently living in a house and do not want my room mates complaining about a smell. So my question is does regular pipe tobacco smell like smoke or any other smell related to smoking?
  2. If you wanna smell like a candle, smoke wax. Otherwise, you're outta luck.
  3. pipe tobacco has a very strong smell, youll probably think it smells like cigars, but its actually cigars that smell like pipe tobacco.
    the pipe wont smell too much on its own, but it aint gonna smell like candles.

    ya cant just go out in your yard/alley and light up??
  4. You could always go to your local smoke shop and try out different aromatic pipe tobaccos...they will still produce an odor and smell like smoke but not like candles or incense, the most popular aromatic pipe tobaccos are cherry or vanilla and they wont taste all that great either. Aromatics for pleasant smell but Cavendish, Virginia and Latakia etc for flavor and nicotine content.

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