Tobacco Mosaic Virus

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    So I think that one of my clones has been infected by me and my bad habit. The leaves are darker in some portions and the leaves thicker in some portions of the leaf. I have two separated clones in one cloner and another in a bubble bucket but have been using the same tools to check ph and ec.

    Anyone have any good pictures of this virus? There is also some algae in the tank could that be the problem? They still seem to be growing pretty well, but from the pictures of the TMV it looks like the culprit. It has not spread to the other plant, but what are yalls recommendations? Ditch it?

    Also forgot to mention the ph is 5.8 and I am using the Lucas formula at 50 percent strength.
  2. Any experience with this problem? If it is so uncommon maybe it is just the algae in the bucket. I dont want to ditch it but if I need to I will.
  3. Bro - I would be literally shocked outta my pants if your ladies had TMV. Well, unless you're a tobaco farmer, which I doubt.

    Nope - chances are the issue is way easier and more likely....algae should NOT be in your bucket. If it is there's only one thing keeping it alive : LIGHT.

    If you're letting light into the rez, it's gonna get messy... light proof that puppy up, clean the hell outta the inside of it (1gal water, 1tbspn bleach). Should solve the problem - that is, IF related to the growth in the rez.

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