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Tobacco + Marijuana

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheShadow420, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. So far I've mixed marijuana with plenty of drugs (AKA every single recreational drug I've tried, doing research first obviously) and each one of them is nearly always a great experience. Except tobacco. I hate tobacco in general, can't even stand passive smoking, but sometimes need to add a little bit of volume to a joint.

    After a certain amount (even 1:1 with 0,3g-0,5g of weed) - the tobacco is completely overwhelming when I smoke. Nausea, odd headache, head rush, desire to be as low as possible (sit, lay down etc.), vision blurring etc. After the tobacco effects wear off within 20-40 minutes - the marijuana high is almost completely gone (not that I even feel it much initially).

    How in the heavens is all of this possible with just tobacco? Now I remember why I roll almost exclusively pure, but I'm really interested in what's behind this. I've never been a tobacco smoker, only occasionally had some nights where I've made such pointless decisions (or socially). Probably less than 20-30 full cigarettes (excluding spliffs) in lifetime. I did smoke spliffs mostly for some time, but tried to avoid as much as possible. Now to think of it, all my panic attacks also included tobacco mix, NEVER pure. Could it be that I have some sort of low nicotine tolerance as a result of low exposure and get overwhelmed by the unfiltered nicotine? Or some underlying disorder? Is there a natural disdain for tobacco by the body?
  2. I only smoke tobacco if it's past to me through a spliff. I don't roll spliffs or smoke nicotine. However I can puke from spliffs because of the nicotine. Its why I don't smoke em unless they are just being passed around. It sounds you are like me you experiment however I wouldn't roll spliffs if I were you nicotine is highly addictive. Also spliffs taste bad in my opinion.
  3. I don't really understand the whole rolling weed with tobacco thing. What is the actual point? I'd just think you're fucking up your weed.
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  4. The secret to rolling a decent spliff is just use the strands of tobacco to hold the shape don't use too much then use more weed than tobacco and it should taste OK.

    People who smoke the worst spliffs are tramps and they put nearly all tobacco in and sprinkle of weed and it's sickly.

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  5. Yep. Pretty much the only reason I initially used spliffs. I come from a country where weed is unreasonably expensive, you always get ripped off on weight, and it's generally a luxurious item. That means much lower dosage and that joints are near-impossible to make proper. Tobacco is added to give form and allow more gradual use of the weed. Eventually I even dropped that and switched to pipe, using spliffs only occasionally, but there's reasons to do it.

    Oh yeah, I can't stand spliffs with more tobacco than weed. I get sick after the first one or two hits and can't continue.

    Yeah, I agree that spliffs are not preferable. Tobacco + marijuana isn't really a positive experimenting experience as the tobacco doesn't add anything (except the nicotine rush, but it's not universally positive), nor does marijuana add to tobacco (as say it would for shrooms). It's more out of necessity than anything. Luckily I've somehow avoided nicotine addiction despite some decent exposure to it at some point, but instead I've developed the polar opposite - uncontrollable bodily hatred towards it.

    I know. I agree with you. But sometimes inevitable. I'm just mostly wondering why this happens as I'm curious.
  6. A pure weed joint is much more of a creeper than a spliff with tobacco.

    Try getting American Spirit, or another brand that is not laced with chemicals(according to them anyway) it night be that the high will be the same to the pure joint.

    I smoked spliffs for 20 years, 2 months ago i got a mighty vaporizer... i have never looked back.
  7. Tobacco/nicotine is poison.
    I'm not trying to say it's similar to a poison.
    It is an actual poison.
    Neonicotinoids are derived from tobacco and used in systemic pesticides for some forms of agriculture.
    They are some of the deadliest poisons known.
    Still wondering why you feel sick after smoking that spliff or blunt?
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  8. "American Spirit"
    For that fully organic cancer and heart disease.
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  9. I mean yeah I know, nicotine on its own can be used as a poisonous substance and there's cases of e-cigarette users ODing (since they use pure nicotine liquids and can consume large quantities). But there's so many people who don't have any significant effects from it, especially in low doses. Is there any scientific explanation to this particular phenomenon?
  10. When I first started smoking tobacco many years ago it made me sick to the point of puking. But I had to be cool and I just put up with it. Once the sick feeling stopped I was fully addicted to nicotine.
    Yay me!
    Here's another thing about tobacco. You don't smoke it like you smoke weed.
    You don't usually take huge rips and hold your breath in when you smoke a cigarette.
    Because it will make you puke from nicotine poisoning.
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  11. Yea, I understand making it stretch in situations where it's expensive and whatnot. I'm a tobacco smoker and I wouldn't do that with my weed. You only have as much as you have and it's gonna take what it takes to get you high. Learn to roll a joint. Smoke a pipe, you waste a lot less that way. The whole time a joint is burning you're wasting hits.

    I don't know. You don't smoke them the same way so of course there's a chance it'll make you sick. Just smoke the bud.
  12. I could not have put it any better.
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  13. Cigarettes...cigars etc don't really contain any chemicals that's all a load of hocus pocus. The tobacco is bad for you full stop.

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  14. Sure only this short list of 599 additives
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