tobacco kief?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by blazerblazer, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. My friend ground tobacco in my grinder and I'm curious if the kief is still all weed or if some tobacco is mixed in. If it isn't all weed then which parts of the tobacco make it through the kief catcher? There's been speculation that the cancer causing and high inducing parts of tobacco don't go through the kief catcher but I'd like a more definitive answer
  2. Nicotine and related compounds occur throughout the plant - there is no equivalent to the trichomes where there is some special structure in which it is especially concentrated.

    Depending on the type and condition of the tobacco used, there's no telling how much, if any, might have made it through. If it were especially dry and brittle, it may have created enough crumbs tiny enough to make it through to notice the difference in taste. However, as noted, what makes it through (if anything at all does) wouldn't be any more potent than anything that was kept out. In other words, even if some makes it through, it will be a very small quantity and probably isn't worth worrying about.

    Why anybody would do that in the first place is a bit confusing to me though :)

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