tobacco in the pot...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by nosce te ipsum, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. ive looked around and noticed that a ot of you guys talk about mixing tobacco with your stuff and i just wanted to know why. perhaps its prices (i live in a low cost area 25 for a quarter and so on) or the shit is just that good that it needs tobacco. im pissed when i get a blunt with tobacco. around it means you just got the ass...running backwards...through a corn field. oh the ways of an east texas pot head. ha. so really...whats the deal?
  2. my computer was fucking with me. ive got to quit using certain buttons.
  3. I put in with hash, because you need it to help it burn in a spliff. I put it in with bud to either make it last longer, or to "water it down" cos it's strong and I don't wanna get fucked from one spliff.

    I won't smoke a normal cig while I'm toking though. Baccy doesn't taste half as bad when mixed with ganj as it does on it's own.

    Each to their own...
  4. the only time i mix weed with tabaccy is when i only have the shake left... other than that it's just pure weed... it's more enjoyable and pure.

  5. You said you are from engalnd right cos i am a middlands girl that just moved out to the states and i do that too i mix with baccy to make thin it out a bit and so i dont get sccwered on one joint pluss like you said it burns better. but i must admit since i been out here i aint been roling with back that much and i must admit i t aint to bad getting high off one blunt it means i roll less :D i just wait for the high to start slowing down and rool again instead of sittig there high and rolling while i am high that was to much hassel. i preffer to eat it or stick it in a bullet
  6. There are some times where I like getting wasted fast. But not often. I prefer to have a session lasting 4 or 5 hours... so that's why I cut it if it's strong.

    And erm.... what's a bullet?
  7. it is a form of pipe small like a bullet you load screw the top back on put a lighter underneath the bulle bite down on the thing put your lips of it light it and suck lol messed you up fast with the right ingrediants
  8. i say dont do it it screws up the joint
  9. Sounds like a Bud Bomb....
  10. dont care how it does it just as long as i get high off it
  11. tobaco+weed for me is yucky, even tho ive never smoked weed i dare not try ;) Only thing ive mixed weed with is resin and thats uber, i did it today.
  12. I never mix tobacco with my joints. Only time i will is if i got some stnaky ol roaches and they wont burn without some tobacco to help along, or if ive got some wet buds that havent been dried well enough.
  13. only the uk people do that shit.. everyone from thjis side iz smart then that
  14. im a "uk person" and i dont do that shit i hate the stereotypeing people do the uk my b a shit hole but alot of the people i no arnt shit heads ok
  15. mix tobacco w/ ur bud to make the joint burn better. if you don't smoke cigarrettes and you wanna get phucked up on less weed, put pot in it cuz it the nicotine will give you a buzz, and that along w/ the high will make u feel almost drunk and stoned. it's a nice feelin if you can chill out. more of a sloppy high. i enjoy smokin a phatass bowl, then smokin a camel light or marb light cuz i don't smoke tobacco normally. i usually don't even finish a cigarette cuz it will sometimes make me feel sick if i have the whole thing. just not used to the nicotine i guess.
  16. I dont do it... Just not my style
  17. EEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!! I hate cigarettes and tabacco and i think it is the groasest thing in the world!!!!!!! how could you people mix beautiful marijuana with GROASE tobacco!!!!!!????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeewwwwww!!!!!!!!

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