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Tobacco in a joint some swear by it others hate it i just dont understand it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Why?! why ruin all that green and why tobacco when u in hale pure tobacco u get dizzy as fuck! But if some one could explain it to me that would be great! And if its that great i may just have try it to day i mean tonight so tell me!!!!!!!!!
  2. yeah i dont like it either
  3. just helps in the "burn", you only add a very small amount of tobacco, unless you only have resin! then if you want to smoke it via a spliff you gotta use tobacco.
  4. Heres the thing with me

    If its my weed, there is not tobacco added
    If my buddies roll a jay with tobacco ill still smoke it and wont complain

    But i dont understand why you would wanna add it......but then agian to each his own
  5. I just think it's weird. I've NEVER seen anyone do it and never heard about anyone doing it until I came to the City. I don't get it, I guess. I kind of get it if you just have resin...but I still wouldn't do it.

  6. hell yes!

    praise tha beava!
  7. its popular in europe they say it makes the smoke smoother..but i guess that would only apply if you smoke cigs in the first place
  8. Most people I know in England do it....

    I'll do it with my weed if I haven't got much and I wanna make it last. But if I have lots of weed then tobacco can fuck off.
    You NEED tobacco if you wanna make a joint from hash. It simply won't burn, and you'll probably have a hard time rolling it aswell.

    I don't think it makes the smoke smoother. There's nothing worse than smoking a joint with baccy in it and getting to a part that's mostly tobacco..... *heave*
    But in the case of hash, it is needed. Unless you have weed and you wanna make a cocktail :D
  9. i have never rolled a joint out of pure weed
    tried one, and it just burns the shit out of my thoguth
    burned shit as well. always burned skew (canue, weird, slanted...wotever u wanna call it)
    i am used to tabbaco / weed mix...its usaully 50/50 and then i crumble the shit out of it so that its a fine poweder like sand....

    usually i roast my toabbacoo before i ruse it to i usually smoke outside my room....when i come back its the moost beutiful perfume like smell of roasted tabacoo waiting for me....

    u guys should really try roasting it beofre using it to mix weed even crumbles up the weed it increases the friction, and makes it the most even joint u will ever smoke...if done to perfection (um...a joint rolled by me IS perfection) u will never need a lighter to even out the joint, or relight just keep buring, but extreamly slowly...

  10. I crumble up tobacco when I make bong mixes with hash.

    I just get a cig and heat it up with a lighter and then it crumbles into a fine powder without even burning the paper.

    Then I do the same with hash... i wrap it up in a Rizzla and heat it up and crumble.

    Then mix with the baccy and packthe bowl.
  11. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww



    maybe if you get some dried buffalo chips...i heard those burned well for the settlers here.
  12. stick with the green!!!!! fuck tobaco!!!!!!!!!
  14. it is the most common way to smoke a joint in the u.k and most of europe as hash needs it to burn a joint....but grass is harder to get and most people still mix it in as it helps with the burn of a 3 skinner.....personally i only use pure hash in my bong....i hate tobacco.....Peace out....Sid
  15. I can't do pure hash bongs.... it has a really sour taste and a sharp feeling at the back of my throat....

    But if I make a mix by crumbling the baccy and hash into a powder, then it's smooth as a baby's arse and tastes great too.
  16. aghh you get used to it after a while....i love the smell and taste of pure hash..mmmm....Peace out...Sid
  17. how does one go about smoking baby ass?
  18. you wanna smoke a baby's ass....what the hell would that taste like?....or am i just missing out...Sid

  19. i was just assuming that meant hes smoked a babys ass before :p
  20. ok d9thc what's with smoking the baby's ass.....??'s about it being as smooth as a 16 year old virgin schoolgirls the legal age in the u.k. is 16 that's why he'll know what i mean).....Peace out...Sid

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