Tobacco illegal in Amsterdam??

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  1. So a few nights ago me and a few friends were chillin smoking the bong, passin around a blunt. And as I'm inhaling this diesel hit from the bong my friend blurts out

    "hey guys, you know it's illegal to smoke tobacco in Amsterdam?" I immediately expectorate my hit in an angry fashion. I'm pissed as for him saying something like that which made me cough out my hit, therefore causing me to get less high. But we argued about this for a little while but in the end I still don't believe him. He literally thinks that if you smk cigs in public you can get arrested? So if that was the case wouldn't they just not sell them?

    Personally I don't know if this is true or nit but I HIGHLY doubt this. I mean I've never heard of this before. Any of you blades know about this???
  2. sounds like your friend was trollin :D
  3. They have an indoor smoking ban like most of Europe does now. Only on tobacco though you can still smoke bud in coffee shops and bars. Even with the ban some smaller places will let you light a fag up.
  4. Na I don't think so

  5. if you think that is a disservice your wrong just lessens the work load for lazy people.
  6. Yes... strange but you're allowed to smoke MJ indoors, but not tobacco.

    But all you have to do is just step outside if you want to smoke cigarette.

    One more thing...

    Have you seen any police in Amsterdam?

    There aren't that many police there, not at least in uniforms... but the ones that are around, are very friendly and sexy.

    I talked to a couple of chick cops there... very nice, very friendly.

    If they should arrest me for smoking cigarette at the wrong place, I won't resist.
  7. I was in Dam Square December 31st of 1999.
    Nearly got trampled to death.
    Fireworks set my hair ablaze.
    Desperately wanted cops to just clear the place out so I could survive.
    Looked up, saw those bastards dancing on top of a van to the AbbA song, "dancing queen", which was blasting out in the streets.

    Fucked me up man.

    Oh, and I was smoking cigarettes. So I guess it was ok.
  8. Tobacco causes the insane urge to CONSTANTLY SMOKE EVERYTHING; as evident from the "pack a day" phrase that's so swingin'.
    Cannabis causes the insane urge to DO SOMETHING AWESOME; like a kickflip on a skateboard, or make a beat like Mike Jones, or even to EAT SOMETHING AWESOME; like a chili cheese frito boat burgerdog, or a Sunday-mornin-to-Sunday-night All natural English square with microwavable popcorn and a pile of Abba-Zaba's.

    I praise Amsterdam for making Tobacco a known threat.:hello:
  9. i always thought amsterdam was strict on tabbaco use and loose on weed, im not sure though
  10. Please tell me this storys true!!! hahahah i could picture it! :smoke::smoke:
    Abba?? hahahh
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    It's totally true. Best time of my life.

    I was 20 years old, with 4 friends, from the southeastern united states totally unsupervised. I think the oldest one on the trip was 23. Stayed 10 days or so.

    Once crazy thing after another. I could go on and on.

    When the fireworks went off at midnight I was so close that huge amounts of ashes and shit got all over me. People were shooting roman candles at one another everywhere like it was just all good. Lost a little hair. Shook it off, ended up fucking some prostitues and getting a fine for a false fire alarm at one of our hotel rooms cause when the smoke set off the detectors we couldn't answer the door because of the passed out girl in the bathroom floor behind the toilet. After the fireworks I went to lacanna, and I'd been smoking there all week, so the DJ dude let me scream a bunch of drunken nonsense into the microphone, (in english by the way, which i'm not sure made sense to that many people).

  12. I thought I was the only one but coughing on the bong, blunt etc does make you less high lol
  13. Lol I coughed out my hit before I could even inhale it all. So I didn't get all the smk
  14. its illegal to smoke inside a public building unless you have a separate room with a separate ventilation system. smoking outside is fine, everyone does, even the police.

    you can smoke weed just about anywhere although there are signs in some places saying that it isn't okay to smoke weed there (around schools i think)

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