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Discussion in 'General' started by Swine, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. Does anyone do tobacco like once every once in a while for the short high? I do...and i love the high i get..alas, its very short. Its a much clearer high than weed. Does anyone know any substances that can produce a high like this for a long period of time? Thatd be bliss...
  2. That's how I got addicted to cigarettes. TOBACCO IS THE EVIL WEED! LOL
  3. Ah, well theres no way im getting addicted. Will power is strong!
  4. It is a nice high I do admit...but that is how most people get stuck on cigs. The nice buzz and relaxed feeling it produces becomes very convenient....but just dont get addicted.
  5. Nubb...i like how your flashing black thing in your avatar just scared the shit out of me...haha.

    anyway, thanks for the input
  6. i try to stay away, i had to quit, phishhead is adamant it will kill me.

    but when i'm drunk there is always that urge, that craving, that... lust... for just one drag... one more hit... of the evil we call tobacco.

    so i stay away as long as i can, sober, even drunk i try to resist the urge. i've quit, started up again, quit started up again and quit, and i'm tryin to avoid the cycle.

    but i know that high you're talking about, it is always nice

    :)-~ i can feel the urge now.. must... resist..


  7. Tobacco is evil, evil, EVIL!!!!! I liked the nicotine rush so much that I haven't put them down since I was 13. Wherever I go, my marlboro lights go with me. I dont know why but I had (in my opinion) this brilliant idea about smoking marlboro lights instead of the marlboro reds I was smoking because it would be better for me. Now, I just smoke twice as much. Maybe this year I will quit, but I personally dont see it happening anytime soon.
  8. Well i think ill be more careful....
  9. same as me, have a couple drags every once in a while to calm me down, but i try not to too much so im not addicted, never smoke a whole cig by myself, like the feeling tho

  10. Damn it, Ganja! Resist the urge and tell Phishhead that RMJL is on his side!!!!!! When I first started college, I would smoke sometimes while I was drunk but I've never been a true addicted cigarette smoker and haven't smoked one in years. I started out smoking pot first and that's all I've ever wanted to smoke. My man smokes but I make him go outside. You can smoke MaryJane in my house all day long but not a cigarette. Ugh!

    I'm crashing your cycle, Ganja!

  11. i've been off the cigs for about 2 years now. yea me!! :) anyway, at our end of year party i was roaring drunk (good times) and shared a smoke with a friend. my bf freaked!!!! right at the table surrounded by people that i work with!

    man, that smoke was good!!! :D it went down sooo smooth, but when i tried one sober - blech. no worries about starting again.

    funny how the cravings NEVER go away....:mad:
  12. I can honestly say that for me, as long as I smoke tobacco after or along with marijuana I never seem to feel the addictive urges later. Ill smoke a cig, clove,cigar etc. (LOVE CIGARS) maybe once a month after having finished a large smoke out session with friends, and the day, week month after I never have the urge to go smoke a cig....Im pretty hard headed with drugs also, so It may just be I havent gotten a reasonable amount of nicotine in my system for a long period of time to gain an addiction..but who knows..all I know is that it appears to me that im just really lucky.
  13. That is a good way to become addicted to cigarettes. So be careful. But there are many joys to cigarette smoking as well. At times, there is nothing better than a cigarette.

    However, the best thing is to get real stoned then smoke a few cigs!
  14. if you want that feeling for a long time, get some chewing tobacco.

    its bad stuff, tastes kinda bad, but the headrush can last a good 15 minutes, pretty much as long as you leave it in.

  15. Yuck.........I tried chewing tobacco once and it made me want to puke and no matter how many times I brushed my teeth, I couldnt get the taste out of my mouth. Ewwwwww. I'll stick to smoking my cigarettes.
  16. yeah i like a cigare everonce in a wile
  17. I recently started smoking Superkings after three years of tokin' weed.

    It is a great feeling... mmm.... but I feel myself getting addicted....

    Gotta stop... it's easy to just not buy them.... right??????
  18. I used to go through a pack a day but that was no longer then like 5 months...All of a sudden it just felt like I overdosed and I felt sick and didnt want them anymore...Now whenever I inhale any ciggarette smoke I feel the same way, so my body is physically tellin me that I shouldnt be doin that shit...Weed is the opposite, weed it just tasted good and feels good having the smoke running through your body, and afterwards my body just stops gettin so tense and Im just relaxed.

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