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  1. hey all I grew a crop of tobacco this past summer and its drying right now. just wondering im in the us and does anybody know if I was supposed to get a permit or license for growing tobacco or is that just to be able to sell it.  I grew American top 14 and big stalk. I harvested 6 full plants but I don't know if it will be worth smoking I mostly did it just for the experience it seemed interesting since I was a smoker and even rolled my own cigs for a while from drum with filters.  the leaves that dried brown smell good and are like a pack of cigs. sorry no pics of it growing.h


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  2. First, I'd like to say congratulations on taking the initiative and start growing some tobacco for yourself. It will be much better quality than the large-volume producers. There are no restrictions on you growing your own tobacco as long as you don't 'trade or sell the crop.' There's a lot of tax on tobacco sales, so ofc the government would like their share. Grow as much as you want, just don't put it to market, and you're all fine.
    I was recently in Kentucky where there were loads of tobacco fields. They had the tobacco drying in barns with cows and dust roaming all around, I'd put money on yours being better tobacco. Cigarettes are a lot more than just tobacco, though, so sometimes it's just not the same.
  3. So how is the tobacco?  I've always been interested in growing it.
  4. You have just dis-credited yourself from having any intelligence whatsoever lol.
    Just kidding but it's true.
  5. Very interesting..
    I have recently got into smoking pipe tobacco and I was pondering growing my own a while back.
    How long did it take from sowing to harvest?
    And was it pretty much a hands-off grow?

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