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Tobacco for A.D.D?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassiologist, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. What's up yall, quick question, and maybe a stupid one, no criticisism pleaze just answers...

    I got bad a.d.d. and I'm hooked on the adderrall shit, tryin to quit... I've been off it for a few days now, but damn i feel like I'm retarded. Can't think for nothin

    Tried some nice grass for it, (I'm a rookie toker, only done it a few times) and it made me feel high as shit, but everything kind of seemed like a dream... I kept forgetting what I was doing, 1 minute seemed like 2 hours, etc... was fun, but I it just made me want to take more adderrall, so I could get my brain back, etc...

    I feel braindead, but I don't want to get back on the adderrall, do you think cigarrettes or chewing tobacco or somethin could help me get a little more energy/focus? everyone says tobacco helps them focus, and I've never smoked before. Obviously, the only way to know is to try, and I plan on it, but I want to hear your opinions about tobacco (minus all the health shit about the carcinagens, I can watch the news too...) I only plan on smoking maybe a cigarrette or two per day, just to take the edge off this shit I feel while I'm quitting the adderrall

    thanks in advance ya'll, for real
  2. Don't chew tobacco man.. come on.. thats nasty as hell.

    Just quit.. mind of matter. I'm addicted to adderall too.. It takes about 5 days usually for me before I feel completely back to my old self.
  3. I've been on it for like 3 years, so i'm not trying to be stupid with this question... but, i really will feel normal after a few days? that's good to know because right now I feel like pisssssssssss dude. i've been taking like 60 f'n megs a day, i feel like a methhead.

    do you think smoking a few cigs will help take the edge off? how about those damn grape flavored swisher sweets? I think I'd like to smoke those before I'll do cigarettes...
  4. I've actually been on it for 3 years too.. Usually a lot more than 60mg a day though haha. I had to quit for probation.. I felt normal after about 5 days, the 5 days were tough though. The 3rd day is always the hardest for me. You will continue to crave it and to think about it and all that, but you just have to have self control just like anything else.

    As for cigs.. I wouldn't suggest substituting one addiction for another.. and for some reason cigs always make me want another adderall, and adderall always makes me want another cig.. they are a dangerous combination haha.

    Good luck man.. It's been a very bumpy rough unsucessful road for me with my addy addiction, I hope you have better luck than me.
  5. I'd rather have ADD than cancer.

    And that's coming from someone who has ADHD and is an ex-cigarette smoker. Don't start using tobacco, unlike weed, there is NO benefit.
  6. best way with those things is to just sit it out. like someone said dont combat one addiction with another. its a bad idea
  7. yo whats up man, i know where ur comin from, i just got prescribed adderall and i took one and didnt like it, it like controled me too much .. but it did help focus. i started smoking to help w/ add, but let me tell u its not worth it, i'm pretty much done already after like 2 weeks of smoking. it helps but for like 10 15 minutes then its back to normal.

    in my experience weed helps a shitload, but i dont smoke all the time, i used to get a lot of shitty paranoid highs, but now i'm gunna be tokin up when im a litle calmer. it kinda has the same effect as a cigarette, but it stays with you.

    add definately sucks, i can relate about the braindead part. most of the day i can't even speak correctly .. its so fucked up
  8. never do tobacco unless ud like to die instead of take aderall which is also very bad for you. try toking a bit more and wait for you're tolerance to build up then you get more of the positive effects without the uncontrollable high
  9. thats so stereotypical
    "smoking kills"
    my dads been smoking cigs for 37 years and his lungs are completely healthy
    my friends been smokin em since he was 14 hes 23
    and also his lungs are clean to
    so yeah

  10. wait a second. ur actually debating the fact smoking kills?
  11. he'll be sad when his dad gets taken by cancer.
  12. Try slowly lowering your adderall dose, along with small tokes of herb. Just take a few puffs, enough to chill you out a little without getting too high.

    It's all about slowly lowering your dose to avoid the worst withdrawl.

    If you really need to go get like a Buy One Get One Free packs of whatever the local store has and use ONLY THOSE to help you get off adderall. Buy once and that's it, nicotine is highly addictive and smoking weed is way more fun.

    You could also try drinking coffee (caffeine).
  13. i think i have a.d.d. and im 18 years old
    no one ever picked it up but i think i have it

    sounds like it cant get fixed :(
    i was thinking i should go to the doctor to try and get something for me to focus but i see thats not going to work
  14. No.

    OP nothing is worth a tobacco addiction.
  15. I've never been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, but I'm sure I have it.
    I find weed to help alot with concentration in school, and in general.

    You just don't smoke AS much as if you were trying to get high.

    Like, for example, before I head out to my morning college class, I take a hit (or two :p) at home, then one more when I get to school before class. (3-4 hits max)

    Enough to get a buzz, but no more. If I smoke any more, I find myself in your situation. I get very daydreamy, and all I wanna do is close my eyes and not do anything.

    So try smaller hits of weed. Try and stay off the adderall ;_; and please don't smoke. I'm a smoker (cigs & weed), and I can definately say that cigs don't do jack, you just wanna smoke more. Smoke the weed.

    That's my advice :)
  16. dude... ok ive been on adderal/vyvance/dextramphetamine and other amphetamine based stimulants since i was six man.... im hooked... i have a huge tolerence for that shit... ive tried other stuff... nothing works simmiler.... try to get perscribed adderal and then fix the negative effects with herb and sleep... possibly an anti depresent (like welburin (bupropin) to smooth down the crash... or take a hit)
  17. I was a smoker for 15 years and never knew I had ADD until I quit. The nicotine did reduce symptoms of ADD. Since quitting I've been taking ritalin. I don't really care for it but until I figure out a better option I'm staying with it. I think starting smoking to help with your problem is a horrible idea. If you really think you would be better off go get some nicotine gum or patches.
  18. Don't pick up the first cigg man, Once you get addicted to them you will have to have cigs to feel normal, and I've seen people go with their smokes. They get super cranky.

    My honest opinion is to smoke weed......It will help your ADD drastically.

    After a while (a few weeds....I mean weeks of smoking weed lol) you will have better time perception and such.....minutes don't seem like hours, and I promise you you will enjoy each and everyone of those minutes without having to worry about addiction.

    I'm pro marry jane.........shes my main thang.
  19. This is what i would do, im 19 i have adhd, ive been prescribed adderal,Ritalin, an some other drug. all of these drugs made me not hungry at all, i could go all day without eating. i also smoke cigs, which does not help my adhd at all, you may think you'll smoke 1 or 2 a day but after a week of that you will be going through 10 cigs a day, then a pack. its no good.

    i would go to your local lheadshop and pick up a dug out, its a wooden box with a little 1 hitter in it, you have a low tolerance so this is all you should need. Marijuana is the best thing i have found for the ADHD, its amazing, it brings my thoughts together,makes me hungry and calms me down. i would consider my self to have a higher tolerance though, i can smoke 4 bowls in one sitting and be high as fuck but its not too much. TRY Smaller doses of marijuana.
  20. #20 DrJohnDorian, Dec 2, 2008
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    I'm going to give you advice that other people here may not like:

    Yes, it will help you calm down and think.

    When I was 15 I was diagnosed and took Atomoxetine for ADHD. I honestly think I did more damage in those 6 months taking Stratera than I did in my year of smoking.

    Anyway, I picked up smoking as an alternative, as it's less harmful to your career prospects than taking a psycho-theraputic drug (Most people don't like putting someone who's on drugs in a cockpit).

    Long story short, smoking did more to change my personality and demeanor than perscrip drugs ever did. I matured, was able to think clearly, became more relaxed, etc. One thing that didn't really change was my short attention span for things I wasn't interested in, but I think everyone has that problem. I was however able to concentrate and practically immerse myself in things (Classes, activities, etc) that did interest me.

    Anyway, I guess what you have to decide is if the risks are worth the benefits. It's doubtful that smoking for a year is going to give you cancer, but it's possible, and even more possible is the risk for addiction. I was on about 3 cigarettes a day for a year, and I quit cold turkey, but not everyone's the same.

    P.S.: And nothing beats having coffee and cigarettes in the morning.

    Trust me I'm a doctor.

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