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Tobacco dip gives me a headache!

Discussion in 'General' started by forsakic, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Today, I tried tobacco dip--Skoal pouches--for the first time. After salivating uncontrollably for a few minutes, I felt a light body buzz, then a mindsplitting headache! Next, I felt like I needed to boot, the same sick feeling I get from drinking too much.

    Dip sucks. I wish there were more smokeless alternatives.
  2. yea man u migth have swallowed some, but they were the pouches so i dotn really know how... still possible im sure tho. Yea man haveing a nice lipper is great, but it usually takes ahwile for new dippers to get ahold of it and not feel like shit, it happans, go smoke soem bud instead definitly more fun.
  3. that sucks i love dip especially apple pouches. its terrible if you smoke and then dip because your mouth is so dry you don't get any juice. but yea atfirrst you get a buzz from it then get used to it. the pouches have more nicotine in them then the loose one so maybe thats why u got headache?
  4. I Dipped Copenhagen Regular Long Cut A Couple Times, Gave My Light Headedness But Sort Of In A Better Way, Not Like Sick Feeling It Felt Cool.
  5. Dude ur lucky you didnt puke. Your first time you should be doing a tiny pinch. A whole pouch and you must have felt like shit. And yes I hate dip aswell just makes you feel awfull. The first time i tried it I took a really small pinch, I had it in for about 20 minutes, I really didnt get any type of "buzz" all i felt was me about to puke up my dinner. Thankfully i layed down on my bed for about 30 mins and the feeling went away.
  6. that happened to me the first time i tried it, and i drank some water, and crashed for an hour or so. Then i started gettin used to it, and started likeing it alot, but once i tried some apple skoal i fuckin puked from the taste and ever since then i lost my taste for dip.
  7. Dip's chill...I had my run with it. It's weird getting used to though. Pros: you can do it inside, during classes, if you play sports. Cons: kind of gross, most girl's hate it.

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