Tobacco Appreciation

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  1. Despite the negative effects, I still don't mind a cigar or some tobacco in my pipe from time to time. I even like rolling spliffs because these two plants seem to me like they were meant for eachother. And at 4$ for an oz of chocolate flavored tobacco, if you need a little smoking break, you will always be able to get it far cheaper than the herb and never run out. Also, nicotine helps me relax and keeps me alert.

    This probably made before, but I don't see it here. Has anyone tried mixing tobacco with another drug, like salvia or some opiates? Curious about what people think.
  2. Hey man!

    I've gotta agree; some good tobacco can be an amazing thing. I think marijuana and tobacco are great synergists for other drugs such as DXM, psilocybin, and LSD. For the past few days I've been experimenting pretty heavily with DXM. I noticed that WOW, a bowl blasted me into space, but a nice cigarette after was my cushion on the stars :D

    During my senior year of high school I went to Fort Myers for spring break and feasted upon the fancy cigar shop that was about a block down the road from our hotel. I had some truly amazing cigars from that place, including some tiny black cigars with hand-carved wooden tips that were flavored coconut and pina colada. I would shank an astral spectre to lay my lips upon one of those woody mouth pieces again :smoking:
  3. I have a vaporizer so I don't really need to mix tobacco with my weed, but occassionally I roll up a spliff and its great. The two plants really compliment each other well
  4. I <3 tobacco, I smoke it very heavily. . . :(

    . . . I smoke about 20 cigarettes a day :(

    . . . But I love it :) . . . Except the whole dying of cancer part :(
  5. newports <3<3<3
  6. ive had a craving for shisha lately, too bad that the cigar lounge/hookah bar near me closed. no one really has a hookah around here and mine is trashed, been out in my woods for 3 or 4 years now. got it before i was 18, then stopped using it
  7. Blacks Cigs anyone?

    That is one of the best in my opinion to smoke. Mixing is good and believe it or not, I use tobacco in my bubbler to make the smoke alot smoother when I hit it.

    Yet I don't feel addicted, usually only do it during the weekends and what not, moderation is always key.
  8. I FUCKING HATE CIGARETTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and now thats out of my system, i fucking love smoking, its so relaxing, i love the smell of the smoke, i love almost everything about it

    i love smoking but i fucking hate it, i cant inhale deeply or laugh without coughing,
    must go for another smoke i suppose
  9. I've found that I hate smoking cigarettes when I'm sober, but when I'm high I love me a nice pack of butts.
  10. I never smoke cigarettes when sober but I LOVE smoking when high. It just makes me feel so much...higher. Especially if menthol.
  11. Cigarettes on OC is so great. I will literally chain smoke a pack before my buzz wears off.
  12. yeap! I remember being high on hydrocodone at work a long while back, and I'd go out for a cigarette on my 15 minute break and be gone for like 30 minutes hah, just chain smoking sitting outside half awake.
  13. I love nodding. Best feeling EVER!

  14. Haha, man sometimes I feel like (ironically) tobacco is an anti drug. For me, after a session with the ganja and when the feeling is going away, smoking a little of tobacco always settles me down nice a smooth, if it wasn't for the whole carcinogens thing, tobacco would truly be a great smoke.
  15. quit smoking cigarettes a month ago, feel so much healthier, but i do love a nice, big, fat spliff of amber leaf and dank just before i go to sleep, really knocks me out!

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