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Tobacco and weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokingguns420, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone was just wondering who else smokes tobaccos with there weed. I mean Honestly if I don't have cigarettes I usually don't wanna smoke weed. I have to at least have a cigarette when I smoke what ever I smoke (in weed). It just feels amazing I think the head rush is so nice. How many of you smoke tobacco with your weed? Do smoke before or after? Do you smoke during your weed session? Do you take a break to smoke from smoking weed? Do cigarettes improve your high?

    If you don't smoke tobacco why? Have you tryed it before and didn't like it? You just don't want to get addicted to smoking? You do it occasionally but not everytime you smoke? You think cigarettes take from the high?

    I would like to stop smoking so much tobacco :) but I always have to just have one if I smoke weed. Hope you guys enjoy this forum
  2. Fuck...I wanna smoke weed all of the time, even when I'm sleeping I don't give a shit if I have cigs or not.

    What's with all the questions anyway, champ? You doin' a survey or somethin'?

    I smoke whenever I want, generally wherever I want, and with not one fuck given to anyone that wants to tell me that "smoking killed so-and-so.":cool:
  3. i dont mix or smoke cigs, but i like to load tobacco into the gravity bong and rip it. it fucks you up, you cant even walk and it feels great. only lasts 5 mins or so but i like it. i only do it on occasion tho
  4. Sorry it sounds like a survery lol just thinking of everything. I have met people that chain smoke and smoke cigarettes and weed at the same time. Whether he mixes it or not he'll hit a bong then take a hit off a cig then exhale he says it fucks him up in 3 hits or so.
  5. In the uk people frequently put tobacco in their joints, most of the people i see use quite a lot.
    I personally only put the tiniest bit in my joints, and i know its not the wrong amount when i've smoked up with my mates for years and none of them are addicted to smoking tobacco.
    Personally I dont like using too much as tobacco through a roach is very harsh, but a tiny amount of tobacco will make any spliff smooth! But that said i wont flame people for using more than i do!
  6. I like to enjoy a cig after a nice sesh if that answers the question
  7. This is how I am with alcohol. To me no point in getting drunk if I can't enjoy a cigarette during or after.

    Not with weed though

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