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  1. *Disclaimer* When buying the above items, DO NOT use a credit card. It can be traced to you. Also avoid, if possible, buying all the items from one store, that can send a 'red flag'. Thanks! - Stylez1877

    People are constantly asking what they need to set up a grow. Here is a fairly comprehensive list. This is for indoor soil grows and assumes you have some sort of space in which to grow:

    · Good soil mix & containers
    · White walls or mylar
    · Light(s)
    · Exhaust fan(s)
    · Intake fan (if needed)
    · Stem-strengthening fan
    · Heavy duty timer(s) (careful not to use a digital timer on fluoros/CFLs)
    · Extension cords and such (as needed)
    · Thermometer (ideally one with a sensor you can place right under the light at plant-top height)
    · RH meter
    · pH meter
    · Moisture meter doesn't hurt but you'll learn to know when the plants are thirsty without it
    · Watering can
    · Vegging nutes
    · Flowering nutes
    · Epsom salts (just a pinch in your water 2-3 times during your grow)
    · Super Thrive (some think it does nothing, some swear by it)
    · pH Up / pH Down (as needed, or other ways to adjust pH)
    · Safer soap or neem oil (as needed to get rid of bugs)
    · A way to raise/lower the lights or the plants easily (eyehooks in the ceiling and chains to the lights works well)
    · Lightproofing (weather stipping, caulk, etc.)
    · Carbon scrubber or other odor control (as needed)
    · A lock is never a bad idea for this hobby, no matter how unlikely someone would come across your grow
    · Microscope or jeweler’s loupe (in the range of 25x-75x)
    · Scissors or clippers
    · String or pipe cleaners for LST
    · Chicken wire (if doing scrog)
    · Mason jars (for curing and storing)
    · Scale (optional, to weigh your yield, though be careful, in some states if you get busted and possess a scale that can “prove” intent to distribute)
    · Oh, and a lighter plus rolling papers, pipe, bong, or vape!​

    Happy growing!
  2. ditto. haha. nah im just kidding. good list +rep
  3. LoL!!!!

  4. Question! Why don't you use digital timers with floros or cfls?
  5. I don't have or ever used a digital timer myself, but wide reports here at GC that CFLs don't work on a digital timer, just don't turn on, I don't know why. Since CFLs essentially are the same as fluoro tubes just twisted rather than straight, I assume the same applies for fluoro tube lights. Use an analog timer (usually has a dial and pins to set the times) and all should be good.
  6. Oh, no!
    I have 2 digital timers that I got from HTG sitting in my grow room that I haven't installed yet.
    Just started my first real grow and am on 24/7 with the lights. I've been waiting till it's time to flower to hook up the timer.

  7. A few other suggestions that may have been overlooked:

    Notebook to take notes (and pen)
    Labels to label plants
    Seed soil (e.g. wormcastings, vermiculite & perlite)
    Veg soil (e.g Foxgrow, lime, clay balls & peat)
    Eyedropper to mix nutes/hormones for seedlings
    Tiny liquid measuring devices (under 1tsp/5ml)
    Larger liquid measuring devices (1 cup/250ml)
    Tweezers for handling seeds gently
    Distilled water (a couple of gallons)
    Seedling heat mat (if it's cool in your grow room/area)
    A set of seed trays or cups or homemade seedling containers
    Larger pots or containers for transplants
    Medium grit sandpaper for scuff box
    Spray bottle if you decide to foliar feed or mist

    Oh, and a lighter plus rolling papers, pipe, bong, or vape! But that may have already beed mentioned :)
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    nice list
  10. Toasty gets the award..... Thanks Maybe now this will cut down on ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the "what do I need?" questions

  11. YEAH RIGHT!!! Theres some wishful thinking!

    Good list Toasty, I just cant help but think you made it in vein. :smoke:
  12. Powerbar! But I guess thats included in - Extension cords and such.
    Also Ducting and Aluminum duct tape (the shiney stuff)
  13. Hey, it's already getting more mileage than I thought it would!
  14. Good idea, i can see this helping new people a lot, should definitely be stickied..
  15. Good list! If we can add a little more information to it, such as why exactly such items are needed, what to do with them, and a 'sample' grow setup of where each object 'might' be used, I could definitely sticky it.
  16. Mods adding comments directly to posts? That's a new one to me. Not complaining but I am surprised.

    And I would have to say that on many counts I disagree. Other than actual contraband (seeds, clones), these items are legal, commercially available, and used for many purposes other than growing MJ. Possibly certain nutes that are formulated just for MJ, but even those are just nutes, totally legal. Yes credit card charges potentially leave a paper trail, and one that could last forever, but I have no concern at all about a paper trail showing that I once bought a bag of potting soil, a pH meter, a HPS light, or some activated carbon. No way LEO is going to pursue that, and if they did no way they would get a search warrant approved on that evidence alone.

    I totally agree, though, when it comes to buying seeds. I always use a money order for that very reason because that is a paper trail that you can't argue with.
  17. Harrassment of store owners is an age-old ploy -- the DA doesn't care if the tactic is legal or not, they try to run the stores out of business by bankrupting them on legal fees. But undertaking the effort to track down and bust a customer for buying a HPS light? No way LEO would see that as worth the effort, and no way that if it ever went forward it would stick. Does not constitute probable cause, next case.
  18. Could you explain why superthrive is on that list? Just curious.
  19. Right on Toasty, excellent resource for the newer folks.

    I only have a couple to add to the original list....

    -Ducting and connectors (Don't forget the clamps too!)


    -peat pots or rockwool cubes

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