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    I just waited for 3.5 minutes making this easy mac, and it was possibly the longest more pain enduring wait of my life..

    I meant for the title to be microwaves
  2. Wtf is easy mac and why you putting that shit in the toaster?

  3. lol my bad i meant the microwave
  4. [​IMG]

    that is easy mac, its just mac and cheese you make in microwave, i dont no if the guy ment toaster or toaster oven, if he ment toaster i wanna see the pic of the toaster after the easy mac got burnt to shit inside the toaster, haha
  5. So if I understand everything correctly, you are severely troubled because your toaster, uh I mean microwave took an entire fucking 3.5 minutes to cook your Easy Mac with artificially inseminated bacon flavor? Yeah, that's like an eternity! Why didn't you just give up and walk to the store for some .....uh....ramon noodles? At least you could be sure it was going to happen this century eh?
  6. yo great idea! easy mac in the toaster oven. itd be like baked ziti

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