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  1. I'm sort of sick of Cata and not so much looking forward to the new Xpac.
    I just joined a private server that is exactly like BC. The site is ExcaliburWoW - Play Free Blizzlike World of Warcraft 2.4.3 The Burning Crusade!

    They are already pretty populated but I figured I'd try to get some of you guys on there too.I just started my first character which is a warrior like the one I had when I started. XP is doubled, so you still have to level but it's not as bad.
    The only real differences between this server and real WoW is you can talk to and raid with allys. PvP is still faction vs faction though. There are a few small(non-gamebreaking) bugs.

    But I'm looking forward to messing with the old talents and raiding the old content like it's still relevent.
    Hope you guys will give it a try as well. If its really good I'll probably throw the site a donation.
    The servers site is ExcaliburWoW - Play Free Blizzlike World of Warcraft 2.4.3 The Burning Crusade!
  2. Aaaahhhh, so tempting...
  3. Only catch, if you wanna call it one, is that you have to download the full game basically, so you just need to spare almost 8 gigs.
  4. That's not really a catch, it's more like, obvious:p
  5. Bump since I posted late last night.

    I'm gonna start leveling tonight.
  6. Been seriously thinking about this. I might get my friends to go onto this server with me. haha
  7. Quit 2 years ago, never got into it. But I understand why people play haha
  8. Spread the word! From what I can tell there isnt a population problem but it'd be badass if it was like a high pop bliz server.

  9. I know you don't like cata, but Molten-WoW has a Wrath server that I think is a 3x server.

    Plus, over 6-7 servers they've got a population of about 25k total. So like... 4.5k people online at peak times?

    Not to derail your thread, just showing another outlet for people to check out should they stumble across this thread like I did. :)
  10. Yea, but I wasn't a huge fan of Wrath either. It wasn't bad but it's too fond in my memory. I'd use that other one if they had a BC server.

    Also, idk about that server but a lot of private servers just throw too much free stuff at you and tweak the game too much, this BC server is pretty much authentic.
  11. I can respect your decision. TBC was great in art direction and relative difficulty to Vanilla's content but its tough finding a server with a large population and I'm real picky about that. (I usually prefer 1-2k online so a steady amount of people are able to do stuff.)

    Also, Molten tries to keep the game as original as possible. They've only got 1 pure pvp realm and the rest are just modified rates, but is in no way trying to mimic a funserver. Also, they've gotten their classes to act 99% like retail, which is something I've yet to see other servers replicate.

    If you ever wanna give it a whirl, hit me up, and I'll be glad to try Molten with you. Been a while since I played on it too. :p
  12. It's Friday, got some herb. Maybe ill reformat my computer and download it.
  13. I suggest using the torrent way of downloading it so you don't have to do anything else.
  14. God this torrent takes forever.

  15. Are you using one with a good seed/leech ratio? Low seeders means long downloads.

  16. Im using the one straight from their site. Only 16 seeders unfortunately.
  17. "Time elapsed (since I started download) 1d 2h." haha. But it is 8 gigs, so cant expect it to be too speedy.
  18. Damn that sounds great. I hit level 70 literally a week before WotLK came out so I never got to experience BC.

    Unfortunately, I'm done with WoW. It took 4 years of my life from me. Looking back, there were things I should have been doing.
  19. The DL took a bit for my friend too, weird, didn't seem to take too long for me.
  20. Whats your name on the server? haha

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