To what we thought was a trap.

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  1. So Labor day Weekend, our short distance road trip to my guys cabin out in Wisconsin in the middle of nowhere, no signal (Great Time, I could write a book about that).

    Anyhow, we stop at a rest area, where me and my guy T goes to the grass area under the trees and dome a kush blunt, got us pretty high. We saved a roach for our driver P, he wanted to smoke that before he started grilling. We met up with another car of friends on the way to the cabin,etc etc, pissed and all.

    So Me, T, and P hop back on the highway, and remember some of the highway roads in wisconsin have no exits for miles. So we have a SUV in front of us, and in front of that is a "Beloit" Police car. Definatly for now, we have no way around, were just all driving at the same speed duck here, not it couldve been that nobody wanted to pass the cop, but we didnt think untill a bit later this could be some kind of trap. Now this is the part you go, why would the police do all this for a trap? We dont know, were not some escaped convicts, we were just high and our thoughts tweaked us out.

    So to our left another SUV, and one in front of it next to the police, Were driving on the right lane beyond the police and SUV< and in the left lane is just two SUV's driving. So the one next to the police drives up, we cant get over. Because the SUV next to us doesnt move up. Hmm.. Kind of pissed here, so next thing we notice, is the SUV in front of goes to the left lane, that leaves no space for us to cross to the left lane, so now were behind the cop. and we get closer and closer, as the cop slowed down, it seemed like he was slowing down on purpose, trying to draw us closer to him as if he wanted to get a good like in his rearview mirror.

    So now, were just driving, mind you we have a good decent fat roach in the car, and has some liquor open with four svedka gallons in our car. The drivers is completly sober, so no worries there. We coulve sworn he seen us finishing the blunt in the car about a mile or two back. So me and P are like "damn". Were blocked, so if the police was to turn on his sirens, there really was no where to speed off, run or anything. We see the left lane move up, we still cant get over. It just looked more and more like a trap, with the way they moving in a sequence.

    Its like god was playing chess with the cars, and our car was about to get taken down by the king "police" with the help of his bishops and rooks "SUVs".

    Its more of a "you had to be there moment". I was we had a camera to record it.

    So a few minutes later, a truck moves closer to our van, we get to the left lane. Were still in no position to make any move, all the cop has to do is slow down, and look to his left lane, thats how much room he had, this is another reason why thought it was a trap. So surely but slowly, our left lane is moving up at a wierd pace. Theres now two SUVs in front of, one has been here the whole time, and the one in front moves up, then matches the cop car speed, leaving us behind a SUV thats right next to it.

    Then within another few minutes, The SUV in front of us moves up slowly, bringing us right next to the cop, giving us nowhere to go, but to be next to him. So I turn and look

    Theres someone arrested in the backseat, after the heart drops, haha. We were relieved. Then we were able to past the cop.
  2. NO, no, no; that was all a trap so the cop could get your license plate number. WOW! I can't believe you fell for that, your fucked. He fucking knew you guys were drinking, and he knew you smoked that blunt earlier. You really think he couldn't smell that roach from his car? I'm sorry kiddo, but YOU ARE FUCKED! Go to Mexico ASAP!

  3. Lol. Yep. The FBI and SWAT team are here, now
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    No dude, DEA is onto you now. If you don't oblige to what they say, they're going to bring in the military too.
  5. the FDA dude? don't you mean the DEA?
  6. Who said FDA?...
  7. PETA Will be there soon, I advise you to pack up and move to Mexico. Your situation is FUBAR devildog!
  8. Get outta there man they got snipers surrounding you!!!!
  9. Yep There a commin


  10. lol +rep
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  12. cool story bro.

    and im serious lol.
  13. This thread made me lose my shit. :laughing:
  14. haha lol +rep
  15. you give those fat pig fuckers too much credit. Alone they can barley find their fucking car keys, let alone set up a trap like that with local P.D. resources.
  16. anyone else with motivational posters involving bears and guns? Those made my day
  17. No bears.....

    JUST WOLVES!!!!!!

  18. Hopefully It will be god there, and not a wolf. And then Ill really have to make a sacrifice, my limbs and all
  19. why not just pull over and wait....

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