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To wake and bake or not?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Hamsand09, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. I enjoy starting the day off smoking a bowl, eating breakfast and being in just a good mellow mood. But this tends to increase my tolerance and makes my night time smoke not as enjoyable. If I don't wake and bake, I have no appetite and can be irritable and anxious for a little while. But my night time smoke is enhanced. Is the wake and bake session worth it?
  2. smoke more at night
  3. I say wait for the night time.
    After a long day your anticipation slowly builds and when the day finally winds down and everything is done you reward yourself with nice smoke session and reflect back.
    This way you have something to look forward to all day and every night is a good night.
  4. I am new to the forum and this is my first post but I am in the same position. I wake and bake and my wife will not have it any other way. You see I too get very irritable if I don't vape first thing. I also have pain and other issues from 21 years in the military. I also vape in the evening and that session is never good as the morning vape. Then i have to fight through the afternoon in a drowsy fog. Some days the pain is bad so i vape in the afternoons and that clears me back up. I would want to be more clear headed in my day so I asked the same question and my wife told me that if I did not medicate every morning she would beat me over the head. Its like Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyd on the days that j don't wake and bake....but I have PTSD.
  5. Uhh yea man wake and bakes are the best. Getting high at night is nowhere near as fun as wake and bakes and during the day.
  6. Ready. wake and bake your normal nug,then get better bud for your night sessions. Waaaalaaah. Your welcome buddy
  7. If you're responsible to have more for the evening, then yes.

    The best is when you smoke at night, wake up 2 hours early and have a wake and bake... eat some breakfast, get a moderate toast going on.  Then you can lie in bed for 2 hours watching tv or napping and enjoying an awesome toast.  Or you can go out and do things, or split it up 50/50.

    It definitely enhances the mornings and days, and has no negative effect.  Just make sure you give yourself time for the bake to mellow.
    It's hard man. But, I figured it out. Wait until aprox. an hour, until you're not feeling groggy after just waking up. THEN smoke; if you're tired, and THEN you smoke, you'll just go back to sleep and feel shitty if you don't go back to sleep.
  9. You can will power it for an hour... I usually smoke a cig when I wake up, another cig 30 mins later after I make some food, and watch some youtube, check fb, email, poop, pee, another cig, then smoke a gram of high qual with my girl AFTER I start feeling awake and good without weed
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    i honestly hate night smoking. i experience visual snow and night blindness so it sort of takes the visual element out of being baked. also you dont get to enjoy the high because you just pass out ;) but when i smoke first thing in the morn, no ones up, birds are singing, sunshine on the morning dew, man theres just nothing like it! gets me motivated for the day.

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  11. Nothing like the sunshine when your baked. Especially when its real intense at sunrise or sunset.
  12. Why after?

    I see more to love about my wife when I'm high.

    Things grow for a reason.
  13. Well, I'm pretty tired when I wake up most morning, and if I smoke when I'm tired, it seems to amplify the tiredness... A few other people I know experience the same affects. Been smoking strictly flower the last 9 years.
  14. Personally, I don't like to start my day with that groggy feeling.
  15. I feel the same way if I wake and bake it sets the tone for me to feel groggy like I just woke up all day.
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    I never truly wake n bake (like within the first 10 minutes of waking) usually like an hour or two after I wake up. The only time I do that is for football on Sunday (go bucs!!). But as soon as I start smoking I will continue smoking thru out the day if I have the option which hurts my sack and tolerance. Limiting myself to only the night time makes a quarter 0 last 3-4 weeks for me
    plus I live on campus so I cant have a j with my coffee on the porch, if I could tho, I definitely would
  17. I never was a big fan although I admittedly did it a lot in college. It just makes me pretty lazy and tired for the rest of the day. I'd much rather wait until night time.
  18. OP you should fix your schedule so the negatives of not smoking in the morning go away. I definitely avoid early day smoking so bad habits don't form, so I don't burn out mid-day, and so the other sessions are more effective.
  19. I feel groggy when I wake up, a nice wake and bake is the best way to get out of that groggy feeling for me. Not the opposite
  20. For me a wake and bake is a waste of weed and makes me feel a bit distant throughout the day. I enjoy the feeling of being sober throughout the day and being really baked at night. When I first started toking I realized that I can get quite lazy without even knowing it. At that time I was all about the herb and was smoking it whenever I had the chance. After a year or so of living this kind of life I came to the conclusion that I spent more on weed than I did on gas, groceries and car insurance every month. Not only were my pay checks being impacted, but I wasn't enjoying my highs as much as I thought I should. That's when I figured I'd give my first tolerance break a try. Smoking after 30 days of being entirely sober (alcohol included) gave me hope since my highs have become stronger and more enjoyable again. I have taught myself enough self control to hold off blazing until at least 7pm every night after I'm home from work and dinner has been served. I went from smoking about 1-2 grams a day for a year to less than 0.5g every day. If I was to change anything at this point I would rather completely quit than smoke on a regular basis again.

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