To Use A Handmade Wood Pipe?

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    So I was just given a small, but really nice handmade wooden pipe as a belated birthday present from a friend. She got it in Quito, Ecuador and I'm already in love with it and can't wait to smoke out of it. But I figured I should curb my excitement and learn how to properly smoke out of it as to preserve its life. It's a beauty, check out the picture! woodpipe.jpg
    I assume I should be cautious about the type of wood, and also how I would clean it. So following the background info and in light of smoke etiquette, my few questions are:
    1. Do I need a screen? Or is there a way I could finagle a makeshift but permanent metal inlay for the bowl?
    2. I read that wood pipes inherit a coating after having been smoked out of with tobacco a few times. Should I smoke normal pipe tobacco out of it a few times first as to get this "coating" on it prior to using it for ganja?
    3. Should I be concerned about how frequently I use it, as to not clog it? Will that coating just continue to build?
    4. Do I need to know the type of wood it is made out of, I read somewhere that certain types of woods can be especially bad to inhale... but then again the wood itself doesn't burn, right?
    5. Finally, how would I properly clean it with minimal damage?

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    I own an italian handcrafted wood pipe, that I only smoke tobacco out of, first off, the layer that builds up is called the cake and it protects the wood although you should try to keep the cake even by gently scraping the inside of the bowl. next, most pipes can be taken apart for easier cleaning but it's not a huge deal if yours does not come apart, pipe cleaners are the best way to clean your pipe they are gentle yet abrasive enough to clean the wood without any damage. You should, after a good cleaning, oil the pipe with olive oil, a very thin coat to protect the wood from damage, one last thing off the top of my head; you should smoke out of your wood pipe only once a day at maximum, wood is prone to cracking from heat and MJ burns really hot, hotter than tobacco, most wood pipes are not meant for MJ. I 'm not really sure if the wood type matters as the person who crafted the pipe most likely used the proper wood for it. building up the cake with tobacco is a good idea, be wary though it will change the overall flavor of your pipe, probably better than stale MJ resin though. Many tobaccos are wet with aroma and can add a really nice flavor to the pipe. Youtube has great cleaning tutorials.
    Beautiful pipe btw, I want one.
  3. I dont own a wooden piece myself just wanted to say this is gorgeous!
  4. if you want to clean your wooden piece, attempting to fully soak it in alcohol will warp the wood. So if you really want to clean that wooden pipe than your going to need pipe cleaners or a toothbrush. Soak the pipe cleaners/brush in alcohol and use some elbow grease to work out the resin from the crevices. It may take a few brushing to get it clean as new .
  5. idk how to do it properly, but i know how to ruin your pipe but get a few good bowls of i miss my wooden pipe :cry: . so unless your willing to make it a piece of shit(which i dont see why you would) dont scrape it  with a knife...ever...even once. strictly pipe cleaners.
    as for breaking it in i prefer to build a cake with only mj, and not emptying the bowl after its been cashed will make it build fast. sure the first 5-10 bowls wont taste the greatest, but its better than tasting pure wood for 15 or more(just geustimations, but you get the point).
    if you dont care about the tobacco negatives than its all about preference. i like tobacco caked and mj caked equally. id wait to smoke tobacco from it till you can taste the difference from a different bowl. i ended up smoking tobacco from mine after about a month off and on, it worked fine for me.

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