To tron or not to tron that is the question.......

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas if the fototron is of any use to a total black thumb type person?
    I kill plastic plants and don't have much paintints for hordoculture at this time in life. So I was wondering if the fototron might help me out. I only want to grow 1 plant at a time. no more. Would this work for me or any one? or is it a piece of crap?
  2. ok I asked this and I gess that no one has an answer for me?
    I want to grow 1 at a time no more. I dont need any big setup so I thought a phototron would help can anyone help please please please.....
  3. I've never seen or used a phototron but remember a conversation about them from another board. The general consensus about the phototron was that for the money you will spend on it, you could build a much better system on your own.
  4. where could i get a good dezine for a compleatly con tained single plant grow unit.
    do you recall what bourd i would like to check.
  5. has the best info on the net. For a single plant, self-contained unit I don't have a clue where you can get a design. Nor do I see a purpose in just growing one plant at a time. For starters, you won't know until many weeks down the road whether it is a female or male. If you only have one plant and its a male, there's a lot of time, effort, and money wasted. #2, the best you can expect to reap is an ounce of material per plant. At four months of effort, to only reap an once doesn't seem worth it. But if an ounce can last you up to four months, grow you a single plant. I did see a page somewhere off Yahooka growing section where a guy took old refrigerators, fixed them up with a lighting system, timers, exhaust, etc. Looked like any old refrigerator you would find and had only one cord to plug in. Pretty stealthy way of hiding a grow room, but kinda small.
  6. ok so i see that it is a lot of work for posible a male plant.(?) so hear is the dumbist Q in the history of the bord so what is the diff in sexes of plants. how can you tell the seed sex? how likly is all the seeds in a seedy bag going to be male?
  7. There is no such thing as a dumb question. You cannot tell by looking at an average seed whether it is going to be male or female. There is no practicable way to sex the seeds before germination. Out of anaverage sack of seeds, about half will be male and half female.

    I looked up good site for you to check out. Try Go to the growfaq section for any answers you need and look in their grow forums for additional answers. There's a lot more info on growing there than I will ever know.
  8. NOT to Tron ,,that is the answer.......The thing is KRAPP.


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