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  1. First timer here... I have two indicas growing outside. I’ve hear some mixed reviews on trimming. Should I or shouldn’t i? Do you trim right before flowering? If I don’t trim, will I regret it do to poor yields?
    The only trimming I have done is the removal of yellow leaves and small leaves coming in on the bottom.


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  2. I defoliate some plants pretty aggressively but I see no reason to do that one at this point.
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  3. Way I see it is...if it's not drying and falling off on it's own accord, the plant still uses it for a function.
    I can understand a bit of clipping if say you have a very compact plant and you end up having space issues or things bumping into each other...but I see no need to do that here.
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  4. I'd at least lollipop and mabee defoliate some of the bigger fan leaves before flower but that topic is up for debate.its what works for me so once the stretch is over I have room for good light penetration and no popcorn buds.its all choice and what works best for that strain and grow style.

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