To top. Or not top? Is the major?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by Deezenutz420, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. My auto thats been growing for 2 weeks to top? Or not top for the whole time? received_612167642606838.jpeg received_638516533292908.jpeg 1562857320234.jpg

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  2. just let em b man.
  3. Bro it's one plant it grew fast lol I dont want just some small fucking cola with 7gs on it wouldn't be pointless lol

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  4. 9FC3172A-22B3-4D73-B99D-FB2D88F51500.jpeg Lol yeah but with ur luck do ya really wanna mess with it too much?
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  5. You do realize that was a fuck up right and it did grow back like 100%? My other ones that are topped are really good. Didnt know the first time people grew marijuana they instantly become pros? Jesus man take your shit somewhere else. Sounds like you think your absolute pro at everything. Piss off lol image-2019-07-10-19-05-44.jpg 1562616040344.jpg received_729791434140486.jpeg

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    image.jpg Well ya know I’ve never really been one to brag. Make me pull er out of bed, GRAPE KRUSH !!! This bitch almost as wide as ur mamas ass 3 ft wide 2.5 ft tall, topped 16x because I can’t seem to keep my hands off er, vegged 74 days, gunna let it go another 26 days then flip the switch on er, Hoping for 6-9 ounces. Well see though I’m no pro.
    Wikileaf: Grape Crush Marijuana Strain Information
    So how u wanna do this? Ya wanna play with deeznuts through my jeans or u want me to take em out so ya can suck on em?
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  7. You sound like you live in moms house and that bitch is droopy

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  8. This is suppose to be a forum to help each other not tell people "mine as well quit" sound like you bitch at your mother too and run the house

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  9. If it dont grow then its whatever I live and Iearn and try again. But forgot your a pro. Now if you wanna talk fucking cars. That's a whole other story that you probably wont keep up on.

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  10. It's best to not top autos in my experience.
  11. Yeah I didnt do it. Glad I didnt. Put topped my feminized ones 1 you can clearly see I messed up but it's coming around now and no issues I'll leave the auto alone. Thank you!

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  12. Since autos are going to flower no matter what at a certain time they usually dont have time to recover and gain much from topping. Lst helps alot.

    Personally I've stopped topping everything even photos. I gain more in a shorter period of time simply by doing lst. Lst gives the same results as topping only better. Instead of removing an already formed top so the next 2 nodes can become tops, lst allows every node along the bent branch to become tops. Best of all you don't have to remove an already formed top.
  13. Key word in my post was “ made er get out of bed for a pic” could be why it looks droopy???
    And actually I live with grandma and I run the show cus she’s not mentally capable.
  14. Ok well I normally top my autos if they are a longer flower! Say closer to 8 weeks. 7 weeks or less maybe not! When I very first started growing autos, it was almost like a sign. I had a plant in my hand moving around plants.I dropped it and it topped one of the five of the same strain autos I grew. It was like my first grow and that plant ended up yielding more than my Christmas trees. So in honor of Jack at the Vault I grew my candy dog Christmas tree Style and it did pretty well so I think you can go either way. I just like the fact of colas instead of a main cola your buds get more sun or light all the way around instead of only half of the bud!

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  15. An auto isn’t a top and crop while you wine and dine her. You pop that b and ride it hard and fast while spreading her branches for better penetration.

    Good training will give you plenty of tops. I just harvested an outdoor auto that was a full pound after a wet trim. Here is 1/5 branches before a wet trim. Had to chop it early because I’m going out of town for a couple weeks and might not make it back on the weekends.

  16. Jesus christ bro immaculate

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