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  1. My GG #4 plants are becoming hard to train and I don't want to bend too much in fear of breaking. I successfully did a low stress bend on two of them but they are right back at the top of the greenhouse.

    Should I be topping these off and if so, how and where do I cut?

    Would it hurt the plant if I doing nothing and let them just keep growing?

    I can't move them so that's not an option. Since I'm new at this, I don't know much about cloning either. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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  2. Tie the tops over to the other side of the greenhouse and let them grow horizontally. Be sure to allow room for the buds to grow upwards when the time comes. You may need to give them a good pinch where you bend them to prevent them from snapping off.

    Have you posted pics of these plants before? Something about your greenhouse and the way the plants are stretching looks familiar.
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  3. Yes I have posted these before lol. I sure wish my greenhouse was taller! Thanks for the advice!
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  4. Super crop em.
  5. How do I do that? I have no idea and don't wanna screw it up. They won't stop growing.
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  7. Ok, so it went pretty well and it was easier than I thought. I've attached pics. Hoping it looks right. I'm really getting into this. I've learned more about cannabis than anything I ever learned in high school haha.

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  8. They look awesome! It really is addictive, isn't it? I'd grow weed even if I didn't smoke it. LOL
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