to toe or not to toe?

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  1. god danm it! i told you not to smoke that toe !when your flying the ltar 2 fright!get the hell out of there and let teea drive before we have to doc ! i said now! thats a order mister! fuc...yo.. what did you say ! yes sir ! thats better and get your ass below and get some coff before we land! i am going to need your head stright down there and if your not ,your walking home !ii sir ,teea bank 1/3 right ruder,streer corse 125 degress ,15 % incline,ii sir, teea when we reach 1000 yas let me know, ii sir! when we land there well be shore leave for the fight crew only ,teea i let you know ten mins early, i know you like to get your hair done frist! thank tazz, thats captin to you gal, yes sir!all crew! we will be docing at houlon landing base in ten mins ,i want you all to look good and thats a order !docing crew report to the main deck and per pair to doc!teea come right 5 degress, ii sir ,helm streering 130 degress sir,navagator what is the time for docing 12;noon cap! your lucky your the navagator lock or you would be walking home with trok! just jokeing sir !this is a new base and are job is to get the best toe we can find ! so lets get the shit in gear and think people! captin were at a 1000 yas, ii helm ,change your incline to 5 % teea and hover the main engs, burn out!ya man,imean, ii sir !burn out when we land set the engs on down laod and reset to stand by in 1hr,ya, ii sir all crew pre pair to doc ,captin tazz we are glad to see you made it !we here at houlon have been awaiting your visit! yes this is captin tazz and we are happy to hear your voices ,it been a long trip and we will be doc in ten mins ,thats fine sir and we await your docing ii houlon ,captin tazz out!teea in gage docing interlocking and you can go ii sir ,lock ,set auto land and report to the main deck, ii sir ,lock await captins staff be fore we go a shore, ii sir!to all crew we have set auto land there well be a delay in shore leave till the comand is given !till than set tight !captin tazz out!is everyone set, yes sir, teea beging frist mate your with me , ii sir! trok are stright ,ya what ! what the fuck did i till you ,sir i drink the coff its just strong toe and i am still fucked up !sir ! i can fight with you know stand down and shut up !if you speak a word why were talking to the houlon king and staff your getting fucked trok! ii sir , i said shut up !,ok thats better, lock come on we need a lay out of the base and till me what you think, ok, yes sir! its nice to meet you sirking i have herd many good things about you captin tazz and it my highist moment to finely meet you ,thank you! i have some of the best toe in the guylon and we are welling to share for your kelp in return ,thats what i was told sirking! we have 50000 balla ton ,thats great! we are almost out ,other than my head stash ,tork shut up !sorry hes are toe specialist and secound helm ,maybe not ,dont blow it trok, i am just jokeing !he a fine helm and he knows his toe!i have 400 shake tons of high grade space kelp, some of the best in the guylon! you will have to cut it by 1/5 th ,its strong kelp ,it well give you the best growing toe around sirking ,thats great ,tazz!so we thank you ,it done captin tazz, it done sir king !let the log show we have ,made the tranaction! ii sir teea record this in the ships log ii sir,till we meet again kingsir ! have a safe trip home !we will sir my crew would like to shore leave for 1 hr if we can ,by all means captin ! i am glad that over ,trok you fuck up ! he thaught you were funny so i guess you dont work home ,thats just fucking great captin can i go ashore please! please shut up! teea take him and get him layed !ii sir ,lock what do you think of this base its state of the art sir and i talked to the sirkings nav and he has gave us a open port landing code, we can come and go when we want and we have a open bay base we can get as much toe as we need sir thats great were out of here after the leaves over ! 1 hr latter ,all aboard !sir,sorry, i think you need a sports bra teea!yes sir! teea we are getting ready to left off set the helm to auto hover mode, ii sir ! where is trok ,i am over here sir ,that was a wild party captin ,i owe you one ,shut the fuck up trok! your shit faced! dont forget layed sir ,what a fucking,your in the toe aint ya! trok ii sir i am ! captin were on outer corse heading 275 degress stady as she goes sir !are we out of their range yet ,yes !sir, all hand stand down ! all hands there well be a 100hrs crews party starting in ten mins !burn out!ya!sirrr! cut all engs and set restart for 100 hrs,ii sirrrr!!! teea set auto heading to lockon mode and lockit ,ii sirrrr ! lock dr are location and fix the chart settings ,yes sirrr ,trok it time to smoke some toe ,your shitten captin ! no were on stand down as of now and i am tazz, you shit faceds fuck up!, ii sirrrr ,leave that shit here on the bridge man, ii sirrrr, fuck off trok, let go party ,ill safe you a few naked holes and some toe sirrr ,what ever ,cant we just leave him some were! no sirrr! the helm is locked in sir ,come on teea let go smke some toe its been a long trip !and tork thinks he can smoke a lot of this new toe and i want to see him get fucking stoned and fall on his face for that stund at houlon!teea set the auto hot tubbs ,and open the muncheis deck for the crew! yesss sirrr!lets go get stoned people ! lock set the ships log! ii sirrr!!!navagators log ,we are set on all autos and corse is is sss,who gives a fuck !i am out here!whos rolling ?sure the fuck aint trok!!captin tazz, over and out!
  2. captin and the crew well fly again nexts week ! till saturday,this is captin tazz sign off!
  3. i type that from off the top of my head at the time i was writeing it ,typeing this was a waste of my time !you dont have to wait for next week there well not be a nother post by tazz11 here in story land ! try revoling 5 or 6 parts in roll playing in your head at one time, thin youll know what its about! for shellow lies the water for shellow minded men!safe in the shellow end ! the unknowen is much deeper within!!!

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