to those that own secret jardin dr80...

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  1. I am looking to buy one ASAP. I am just wondering how some of you on grasscity have yours setup. I am prob going to get 400w mh/hps. I am going to be having the tent in my basement. So I am kinda confused on what kinda fans n shit to get.

    High Tech Garden Supply
    there is the light. I will also be getting a easycool reflector hood to minimize heat even more from the light.

    So what kinda fans would you recommend? I have a good grip of cash so money really isnt a big issue but id still like to keep it fairly cheap. Or as cheap as I can while still getting the job done. Thanks in advance!
  2. 27.5625 cubic feet in your grow space
    x 3 for air exchange= 82.6875
    x2 if you add a carbon filter=165.375 CFM rated fan

    thats a four inch inline fan... it would be easier to get a six inch fan to stay with the same size ducting as your hood... so get the six... if you have the cash and get a fan speed controller or a temp speed controller... all found at greners
  3. word. Any certain brands to look at? Could you possibly get me some links to fans? also I plan on having a oscilating fan in there for moving air around and blowing on the plants.
  4. Sunleaves WindTunnels - Inline Fans & Blowers - Products - Fans, Filters, Ventilation -

    this is the best model greners has.... others like s & P... depends... person to person

    it won't really matter anyway.. your getting a six inch fan... and a fan speed controller or a fan temp controller, yes?

    the speed controller is at the bottom of the link... i believe they have the temp controller if you would rather use that...

    I only shop at two places...

    greners and HTGS..... HTGS's shipping is total crap where i live... so i only shop there if i have large orders i cant find locally or at greners

  5. Get that sunleaves fan and a good carbon filter and your set. Your gonna need a cool tube or an air cooled hood for a 400 watt. I run a cool tube works great. DR80's however, do not have 6" exhaust or intake ports. They are 5" so if you get an air cooled tube or hood it will probably have 6" ports so you need reducers. Find the shortest reducers you can since you only have 32" from wall to wall in the tent. Trust me once you get your reflector in there and add reducers and ducting, the sides of the tent will be buldging out (not a big deal). You can get an air cooled hood with 4" ports but they are hard to find. heres a link to one High Tech Garden Supply
    Good luck man. DR80 is a great tent.

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