to the year long members of GC,

Discussion in 'General' started by chronicman00, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. i wanna say that you guys are fucking amazing and are actually what i consider "famous potheads"

    if you think about it, this site i believe is in the top 200 forums on the internet (#1 marijuana website), making the respected members on here representatives of the internets marijuana smoking community.

    you all bring something special to this site and we can all learn from each other, the depths of the network & the shit on here blows my mind sometimes...respect to all of you
  2. Respect to you too man! :D Always great to share positive vibes! :smoke:
  3. I don't think we are 'famous potheads' we are community though that more accurately displays the diversity of pot smokers. Some of us may be immature or dumb but most of us are normal people who just happen to smoke weed.
  4. You talking about anyone who is still an active member after a year? Nah, we aint famous man, we just spend a lot of time on the site.
  5. I understand what you're saying, as far as weed forums we are the cream of the crop :smoking:
  6. This is probably the coolest weed forum and its to be a member most of the people are cool here.
  7. I'll wait till 2017 and then I'll be a "famous pothead"
  8. Why thank you and I do believe that I AM amazing. At least that's what I keep telling everyone around me at all oppurtunity.

    Haven't been on with that much consistency lately though as my laptop died (friend spilled booze on it, typing this all from an ipod touch lol) but that situation should be resolved soon.
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    Never thought about it. i dunno about famous but maybe a little recognized. not me though

    This website defiantly special but it's because of you guys.
  10. Grass city bitch grass grass city bitch! :smoke:
  11. Hey a thread that I qualify for!!! Been here almost 2 years
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    Today is my one year anniversary on GC!!:hello:

    Did I make the cut?:smoke:

    Edit: I lurked for about 9 months before I decided to become a member though:p
  13. Aha Do I count as the year long members? I'm on and off for like 2 years now :p

    (lol@only having 29 posts :[)
  14. I'm glad most of us are still around. :smoking:
  15. Less than 6 months for me, am I cool enough yet? :cry: :laughing:
  16. No. No you are not
  17. It's been a long ride. Approaching year five.
  18. Well, thank you :3
  19. Haha man I hardly post either

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