To the tropics............

Discussion in 'General' started by budburner, May 10, 2002.

  1. Well, the day has finally arrived:

    The day before the day we leave for Florida for a short vacation. We're going to the Clearwater/Largo area... Bush Gardens.... Sea world...

    With 2 kids.........and 2 in-laws. :eek: 1,200 miles :eek::eek:

    I lived in Largo for about 3 years so I know my way around. Makes things handy. I think that's the only reason we were able to talk my in-laws into going that far away.

    I don't have time today to roam through the forums that I haven't read in a day or so, so I hope everything's still going ok. (ahem...cowboysaxman!)

    Take care y'all. I'll get a nice dark tan for y'all.

    See ya in a week! :wave:
  2. Still holdin' our own at our Lil' Alamo!!! Lol!:D:

    Ever been to a place in Fla. called Homasassa Springs?? Near Crystal River,They have a small wildlife park and a Manatee Rehab center. Really cool!!!! Hope ya'll have a GREAT trip!!

    If things fall apart for me while you're gettin' your tan on, remember what the Terminator said....."I'll Be Back" LOL!!! :smoking:

  3. I pass by that place every time I go to see my parents
  4. Wow, what a trip.

    What a long ass drive!

    We had a blast, but back to reality now. In Florida the daytime temps were getting to about 95+

    I wore shorts on the drive back to be welcomed by 41 degree temps.

    Ow! Don't slap my back.... it's burnt.

    (Fuckin' brrrr!)

    When's summer gonna hit?
  5. BIG ole' Backslap from your *favorite* fuckin' pest!!! :D: Lmao!! Glad ya'll had a good time!! :D: :wave: :smoking:

    BPP, ya should really try to stop at that Wildlife center on the way to the folks!! Your family would really enjoy it. They put on a very interesting demonstration about the rehab of manatees, my kids LOVED it, and so did I!! :D: :smoke:

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