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  1. I me this lil boy when he was ten, I just seen him around the neighborhood with my lil brother. The first time I heard him just freestyle was when he was eleven but that was just when I first heard him. He's got talent. I really do believe in him.

    Now he's 13 and going on...He's starting by posting his freestyles on Youtube with some really good instrumentals.

    Stunna C -Made - YouTube

    This one right here is his first official song.
    Chris Cruz - Straight Stunnin - YouTube

    He's got more random remix shit on his YouTube profile.
    So what do you think my fellow blades and bladies?:smoking:
  2. He's not horrible. To be honest, not my style of rap at all, but he had a real solid flow and the lyrical content wasn't horrible He's 13? Way better than I was when I was 13. And I started at 7, so I was already 6 years into rapping..he's on his 2nd full year of rapping? Definitely has potential.
  3. No offense but I thought it was horrible. He's so monotone and boring.
  4. Well I heard him rap when he was 11 but he hasd done it younger. Thanks :)

    lol its ok:) just wanna hear people's opinion :)
  5. nothing out of the ordinary, there are 1000s of rappers out there with the same lyrical content, he needs something to make his music two cents

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