To the Lords of GC: Any way to edit an old thread?

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  1. Hi GC higher ups! I authored a sticky in the absolute beginners section (Kamel's CFL Guide) and I've wanted to update it for years. Is there any way, any special permission you can bestow upon me, or even submit a list of changes to someone who can edit it? A lot of people read it and tell me how helpful it was, but I know it can be better. For the greater good!
  2. You're gonna have to get a mod to do it for might want to PM one from that section and go from there...

    BTW, props on that thread...I've directed a lot of people over that way to learn about growing with cfls...:D
  3. Ok I'll try that, thanks! And thanks for the props, I'm just glad I'm helpful. Like they say, those who can't do, teach.
  4. Ok I'm going to bump this since I got no response from the mod. I don't wanna be a pain in the ass, but come on. It's a sticky, lots of people read it, let me make it better for cryin out loud!
  5. You need to contact a mod to do it. Soon we'll have a ticket system which these kind of requests will be put in.
  6. Cool, hopefully I'll only need to do it this once.
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    Ok here's a nice neat .doc with the changes in red. I think it clears up a lot of things and fixes a couple of semantic issues. And of course if you guys have any other ideas, go for it you know I respect you guys! And thanks a ton, I can sleep better now. Until I find something else wrong with it...

    So yeah Vtec or Budslinging Yoda, whoever has the time to do it since I dragged you both into this now. Either way, thank you both!
  8. That's no problem bro I will do it.
  9. Check it out bro. I made your changes and also changed some areas where you had some grammatical errors. Sorry bro my mom is an English major; had to do it. Tell me what you think.
  10. Awesome! Yeah I tend to write how I talk which isn't always perfect and involves way too many commas. Oh well, looks great though, thanks again. Hopefully it'll cut down on the "are these lights ok" questions.

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