to the kid upstairs,

Discussion in 'General' started by fuega, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. this letter is to all the people that live upstairs from someone that smokes and they don't call the cops. you are truly awesome. i've seen you outside like twice and both times you looked like a decent dude. i think you're in college. i've noticed you play lacrosse. you don't have a car. you were walking a pug at night? all i'm saying is thanks for not calling the cops. thanks for being a cool neighbor. and if you ever wanted some, just knock. you rock.

    the bitty downstairs
  2. lol, ok then.
  3. some people lol.... you realy think if " the people upstairs" dont smoke ( in witch case i doubt they would even think about weed) would come on a weed website ? maybe im wrong but to me that sounds abit unlikely.

  4. its just him showing his appreciation for them being so nice about it, he isnt realy thinking they will see this.

    You got a cool neighbor, maybe leave a non-weed present on his door one day, you dont even have to let him know its from you : )
  5. The people downstairs from me don't say shit about me might have something to do with the fact that I always smell weed smoke when I walk past their just might. I've been living here like 5 months and I'm still to chicken to ask them to smoke.
  6. no problem dude, come up to my room, #225 tomorrow night and we'll smoke.
  7. Its called an Open Letter. Once upon a time there was a thread here for just that. Its a nice way to show your appreciation towards something/someone, or vent about something/someone.

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